Who Qualifies as a Mexican? And a Wall that didn’t keep 53 from dying in San Antonio?

Statue called Amigos sits in the U.S. Custom Museum just outside El Paso Texas. Sort of an Irony, don’t you think? Calling Immigrants Amigos and yet, we don’t want them to enter Our Country? Don’t count me in with the “We”. In such a short time going from Amigos to What Now? What’s next in the GOP Playbook on How these Immigrants are continually going to be Demonized just for Party VOTES. What’s Next?

Years ago, I wrote a Blog on this most important Topic of Immigrants coming to America. I wrote about the Great Caravans. Caravans not of People and Camels, but People. Just people. You know. Human Beings that are consistent of being Women, Children, and Men. But do you care? I mean really Care? Do you want to hear more? I don’t think you do. Like finding reading this wasteful and all. The Wall is a Joke. A laughing thing in Mexico. And now, 53 are DEAD. Boy howdy, did it ever work? NOT!

Most don’t. No, unfortunately, most Americans don’t care because they are not seeing them in person. They aren’t dealing with them. They aren’t interacting with them. But it’s not a Secret. Many Catholic Churches are taking them in one way or another. Seems that the Bible says to love your Neighbors as you Love Yourself. But we don’t. No, not really. But we should.

These Priests help feed them. They help gather clothes for them. They help find families willing to take them into their Homes. Get them work too. And is this wrong or very Right? Even Hispanics here in Texas don’t want them. And I always found that so queer. So absolutely QUEER. Or Odd. Just saying what I know to be so true. But I do not understand why Texas Hispanics DO NOT want Mexican Immigrants crossing the Border. Don’t want them here at all.

But you cannot take a Blind Eye to 53 Migrants dying in an excruciating Death of Baking to Death in the Back of an 18 Wheelers Trailer. No air conditioning. Just unbelievable, unbearable smothering Texas Heat cooking you to DEATH.

No Help! No Mercy! Only DEATH! And you beat and beat on the Trailer Walls and Call for Help. HELP! ANYONE! PLEASE HELP US! But by then, 53 of those in the Back of the trailer are DEAD!

But this isn’t Uvalde with their 21 Dead. 19 KIDS and two Adults. In a horrific shooting. No, this was in a Quiet Trailer. No Gunfire, but actually there was. The Sun was Spraying Rays of Heat like Bullets upon the Trailer. No, there won’t be a huge Public Uproar. But there should be? These were people. These were Human Beings. Weren’t they?

And when the Driver stops and he learns he has people unconscious in the Back, he disappears. He knows by talking to them that things are Bad inside the Trailer. But this Asshole Driver doesn’t Open the Trailer Doors. No, he disappears from the scene and simply leaves them and for Authorities to find them. But he’s the Guy who is going to be put in Prison for the rest of his Life or Not. WTH?

Some people would give him a Medal. Yes, the Hate Feelings are high with some people who are always blaming the Migrants for taking away their Jobs.

But I have Not Seen That. But I have heard such Feelings and please tell me Which Jobs were Stolen? The Oddity of it all is How Texas Mexicans differentiate from the Various Mexican Groups. They are-

Mi Heintee, Mi Familia, Aztecas, Colombiano, and Tex Mex. And Mexican. (Spelling might be wrong?

But only Mexicans from Mexico are to be Called Mexicans. Now, you know and how do I know that? No, not my Guessing on the Subject.

One night working as a Texas Prison Guard from which I Retired, the Mexican Inmates got into a word discussion on that very Subject on Who Qualifies as a Mexican? Until that night, I hadn’t ever thought about it. And inmates are going to tell it. In a strange way, Inmates in Custody are a direct reflection of a Society. They really are. But folks won’t see it that way.

For most Texans, they View Inmates just like Migrants as being a lesser person. A person to be put away and never seen. A person with No Human Rights. No, in a lot of ways, Humility has left the room. We’ve lost that a long time back. But where and why did we lose it? How did we lose it? Or was the loss taught to all of us by the WWII Crowd? We are a reflection of Our Elders. No matter if good or Bad. We simply are…

“You cannot enforce your way out of these migration pressures,” said former U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service commissioner Doris Meissner, who said the U.S. is overdue for new immigration laws, “so that there are ways for people to come to the country legally that make sense for our economy and circumstances.”


But the very wrong or good of Migration doesn’t exist in Washington, D.C. No it EXISTS at the Very Border. AT THAT DAMN RIDICULOUS WALL! And 53 Dead Migrants proves the WALL isn’t much of a deterrent. No, it’s just a Wall that a person with determination will Overcome.

Most are not willing to take a LOOK👀 @ why these Migrants have Left their respective Countries. Famine! Yes, watching their kids starve to Death is a huge motivator I’d imagine. How about you? Gangs that prostitute you would be a Determining Factor to run away from. Wouldn’t it be? Just 75 miles from where I live, young boys and girls were handcuffed on their backs or stomachs where a DARK WEB had set an Appointment Time for a person to come in to a very nice home in an affluent Neighborhood so that they could be RAPED! Having a Penis shoved into them hour after hour after hour for 24 hours a day and night.

And I know, you still don’t want to talk about it because it’s not you doing the Raping or being Raped. But we damn sure are Allowing it by Not addressing the Immigration Laws. Not doing nothing is the same as giving Approval. Taking a Blind Eye is giving your Approval. Isn’t it?

But many don’t want to be included in the Not Caring Group.

People are genuinely GOOD as a whole when given the Opportunity to be so. But few are willing to take a real Look👀 @ Immigration and Why hasn’t anything been done about it?

Like ABORTION, the GOP has weaponized Immigration as a Political Issue to Raise the Voter empathy for them while they sprout seeds about, yes about How Evil and How Disgusting and How GONNA GET YOU these Immigrants are going to be and why a 200′ WALL with a moat and Alligators needs to be put on the Border. Even having Discussions about putting Alligators in The Rio Grande River? Yes, He did and I’m not going to put his Name in here. He is now the GOP’s Fallen Angel.

The only two things I see on all the Mess going on at the Texas Border is this-

  1. Fewer Deaths will be taking place on the Big Texas Ranches where Walking across in the Summer Heat and run out of water and guess what? You Die.
  2. Immigrants won’t be Shot like they were Deer on these Ranches. Yes, many have Been MURDERED! Killed as if they were a lesser person. Like killing a Coyote or Rabbit or Deer. Look it up!

https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2014/aug/13/-sp-border-crisis-texas-ranchers-brooks-county-smugglers-deaths. Some Deaths are Murders, but a lot are not.

But you and I are not going to fix nothing and neither is Congress. Call it what you want? But Immigration is now the Belly Aching Pumped Up rhetoric flowing out of the mouths of GOP Politicians to SCARE THE HELL out of you so you VOTE for them. And you fell for it. You put more Do Nothingers in Congress. Especially when it comes to Immigration on the Border on our Southern Border.

SOLUTION? I don’t have one. I wrote what I thought should be done but that only makes me the Enemy. A Higher Level of Humanitarian Action needs to take place. Treat all Immigrants as a Human Being. And accept them. Accept who they are and Not what you want them to be.

America is a HEINZ-57 of People from all over the World. Americans got the Blood of Slaves and Slave Owners in every one of us. Unless you some form of Freak and a Unique One of a Kind, you got the Blood of others in your DNA.

Unless you have lived my life of seeing Migrants working the Vegetable Fields. Living on Ranches while they cut Mesquite Trees and Brush. Watched Migrants climb up a Rope Ladder. Worked with Vaqueros on Ranches. If not, you only know what They want you to know and See.

But it’s a False Truth you’re being Taught. False Lies of people wanting a Better life. Using your Fears against you is what Fascists do. And you may have bought into it.

Don’t Fear the Immigrants as if they are going to get you. They’re Not. As a whole, most are very good, decent people. Not what has been taught for the past years to get everyone so worked up and worried about.

Most of you have never visited Mexico. My wife from El Paso used to go into Mexico at least once a week. Why? Usually just to eat Dinner. To eat Steak at a Steak House To go eat Chinese Food at a Chinese Restaurant. And not to go to eat Mexican Food. Or Bull Fights. Or to buy Cheap Clothes and Food Seasonings. To buy Liquor.

But sure, if you aren’t smart, you can get hurt there just like in every Country. Just like WNBA player Brittney Griner, a seven-time WNBA All-Star and two-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year, remains in Russian custody after being detained in February at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The Russian Federal Customs Service claims to have found vape cartridges containing the marijuana concentrate hashish oil in Griner’s luggage.