Russians are now Singing “London Bridge is Falling Down”. Why?

If you have not been paying attention, America is sending its 5th Army HQ to Poland. This is not a move to be ignored. And Russia is making lots of Military moves as well. It is strategic as the Drums of WW-III are beginning to Beat.

London is “first to be hit” if WW3 starts, says Andrey Gurulyov, Putin’s close political ally.

But what about the families of Russian politicians and oligarchs who live in #London?
Video – @DailyMirror

You need to watch that Video!

Russia is going to start the Ball with a Special Military Operation in Lithuania. And the second NATO starts, London will be Hit. But by what?

If it’s Nuclear, then Putin will prove to the world that he is Hitler times 100. And wants to Rule the World as he sees the World to be. Or wants it to be.