Americans are being Inflated, Big Time

AMAZON is the Biggest Product Inflated putting America is Inflation City! And I consider these Very Bad Characters stealing Our Hard Earned Monies just LIKE Bad Characters who’s Tweets and Posts on Twitter. Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Instagram that get REPORTED and their Posts gets Yanked Down.

And why doesn’t AMAZON have a Cost Inflator Cancellation App in place that will Kill An Ad when the Price of a Product DOUBLES or TRIPLES above the RETAIL STORE PRICE by a Seller on their Website? There’s a Inflation Conspiracy going on! It’s Nationwide. It’s Worldwide. And it’s hitting all of us when they attempt to corner the Market just like the Hunt Brothers did with Silver. That’s a long time ago. But it’s what Russia has done to the Oil Prices and keeps doing.

But buying up a Product and then putting it on AMAZON is as crooked as it gets. And there Folks are a Nationwide Buying Conglomerate of People who don’t give a damn about you or I. They are money grubbing Toads. And it’s on Products you can’t find in the Store, but you’ll damn sure be able to buy it at Amazon at an exuberant Price! A Price where the Stealing Price has been Added to it

Stealing Our Monies! And I think it’s an Organized Group from Pakistan or India or China doing it to all of 🇺🇸. This is Organized Crime.

Here’s examples-

$14.44 a bag on Amazon
$5.59 Blaine Farm&Fleet
$4.99 at food4less