Did Shakespeare’s Hamlet foretell Trump and the Poison poured into his Ear?

William Shakespeare

In Hamlet’s Act One, Scene Four and Five are very foretelling. It could be argued that those who were whispering into Trump’s Ears were, in fact, pouring poison into his ear. And thereby, this Poison spread from Trump’s Body and into the American Public.

And if enough of these individuals continued pouring their poison into his ear, then at what point would he or any person be able to not believe that he had been poisoned? And if he believed he had been poisoned, then he would believe it was Poison. And at no time in the future would be ever believe anything else but the poison.

And he continues running with this Poison Story because he was the person who had been Poisoned. And similar individuals are still putting more poison in his ear. And that Poison continues to bleed into Mainstream America.

So, was this poison a contributNOTHING…irthat was contributed to Trump from Others? Were Their Actions the direct result of what Trump continues prolonging their renaissance of this Poison?

Evil succeeds when Good Men do NOTHING…