🇺🇸 must not Forget it’s “Enemies of the State” or to Punish Them All

Every person who partook in the January 6, 2020 attempt to Steal the Presidential Election and give it to “Tuna Tongue Trump” must be fully held responsible and punished according to their Level of Participation. “Orange Raccoon Head Tuna Tongue” must go to Prison or a Mental Hospital. If left Untreated, 🇺🇸 will go into “Tuna Tongue Violence” by 2024.

All fake Presidential Electors must do Prison Time for Seditious Conspiracy.

All Legislators who attempted to aid “Tuna Tongue” in his Keeping Power must go to Prison for Seditious Conspiracy.

ACCOUNTABILITY is At Hand and Punishment must be Dealt! Ride Out Night Riders! Do your Duty to Uphold the Integrity of America. Put them behind Bars!