Joe Crocker at Woodstock!

Woodstock. If you didn’t see it in person or at the Movie Theater, you weren’t part of the Woodstock Experience. Old people condemned us as irresponsible. Derelict. Deviants. No Good Hippies and some were.

But we weren’t brain stuck Like many are today on condemning other people. We didn’t spend all of our time picking fights just to satisfy their own ass to Be Our Way or Hit the Highway Attitudes. And will Heaven be like that?

Nope. If Putin starts a Nuclear War, HELL gonna fill up real fast.

But try to be nice instead of always talking Shit! If you’re talking Political Fight Bullshit all the Time, you are a Fool! A Big Fool! Don’t be a fool.

Don’t be a Damn Fool!

Civil War takes place because of a Divided Congress! And the Rich will only get Richer! While you rename Stupid. Play this Song ten Times.