Beer, Guns, and Ammunition make for some strange Bed Partners

This gun, that gun. All guns that are Assault Rifles are for Assaulting your Enemies. Killing Them before they Kill you. Not killing Our Kids! They are Assault WEAPONS!

Until the Uvalde Shooting, I really hadn’t paid attention to what was going on in the Gun Industry. And Brother, their Sales have skyrocketed into the stratosphere. Amazing Numbers seriously outnumbering the number of Births in America. And the Ads could be argued as going too far. Or not? It’s all part of the Gun Culture in America that Has been GLORIFIED! And there damn well isn’t no turning back now.

Assault Weapon Sales are out-pooping a herd of ten thousand Safari Camels and African Elephants. And the number of Background Checks could exceed over 100 million this year. You know, the checks done by a Person with a FFL and a buyer who is buying a weapon from themselves or others.

Face It. These are all Weapons. Seriously, these are people killing Weapons. Weapons when shot can spit out bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger which could be 5 per second. And as many as 10 in the hands of a person who practices pulling the trigger. So, in 10 seconds, a person could be capable of firing 100 Rounds. 100 ROUNDS! And if that don’t grab your Balls, what will?

Just imagine a PSYCHO enters another Elementary, but this Pile of Butt Shit can shoot 100 Rounds in Ten Seconds. And when he or she gets finished, your Child won’t be recognizable to their Parents. Little Johnny or Little Jane with their faces so blown up in destructive, Explosive firepower that only a dress or shirt or pants will help you find your Child. DNA can be used. And it’s going to be a sight that you won’t ever forget for every minute for the rest of your lives. And sometimes the Blame won’t ever be founded when Cops stand and listen while their Balls are shrinking in their Ball Sacks as that just stand by while Our kids are being Slaughtered.

And after you get over your sorrow, your blistering Rage will DEMAND ANSWERS and you’ll want to erect the Hangman Gallows yourself. But you won’t be putting up just one Rope. No, your Anger will DEMAND Ropes for all who made this Gun Killing PSYCHO Tragedy EVENT Take place.

Jesus Christ! How many Deaths must Happen?

And rest assured. This Crap is happening every day in Ukraine. People having their faces blown apart. Bodies blown apart. And Percussion Shock Wave Deaths from being too close to the exploding Bombs and Artillery rounds.

But who’s to Blame?

  1. Video Games? Practicing killing very real looking people in the Games de-synthesizes the future PSYCHO from the day when your son or daughter begins committing their Mass Shooting.
  2. LAX Gun Buying and Ammunition Laws?
  3. Gun Shows that circumvent All GUN LAWS? If you don’t believe me, then go and find out for yourself.
  4. Legislators that can Talk a Great Line of BULLSHIT if you love BULLSHIT as they explain why they can’t do a Damn Thing.
  5. Gun Manufacturers putting up Hypnotic Ads as to Why Your Son must Race out to buy a Gun challenging their Manhood if they DON’T.
  6. Beer doesn’t need any Commercials. They are All on their own. But add Booze and guns and ammo and well, people will be KILLED.
  7. Ammunition Sellers aren’t losing any sleep.
  8. Education? Do they carry any Blame? Sure, why not?
  9. Social Media Posting their Killing Spree putting the Killing of Your kids, Our Kids Online as they Kill. Kids with limited comprehensive skills are easily swayed Future PSYCHO KILLERS.
  10. DONATIONS? To the right Pockets that keep things in the STATUS QUO!
  11. Right Wing Rhetoric spoken by Politicians and the absorbed as being OKAY to Plan, Buy, and Kill their Enemies.

Who to Blame? Who is to blame? One or All? Maybe 10% going to each One of the Above? Each case might be different on how the percentages should be spread out. And depending on how smart you are, you might put most on one or some to all.

But 100% of the Blame goes right to the PSYCHO who Killed OUR KIDS! Their Blame cannot be Overlooked. They did it, THEY OWN IT!

And forgiving them is the only way to lift the burden of Hate and That Revenge Feeling on the family members left behind that you will feel until you Forgive the PSYCHO. You must Forgive or live in a world full of your own self-hate. And no one will want to be around you. No One! So, let that Shit go. Get hooked-up with Christ and relive your Life.

Talking Real Gun Safety Laws has become a Joke. Like Matthew McC…hey I lived in Uvalde and I loved the Deer Hunting. But I’ve always been a believer in Hunting Rifles and not Assault Rifles. I am a Veteran and I saw all of this Coming. When you have a Public so Damn Gun Stupid but driven by their Fears, they all gonna get War Prepared. If they could all buy machine guns, they would. They’d buy Hand-grenades too.

When you pop off a quick 20 Rounds in your Home at an unknown Noise, GUESS WHAT? 19 Bullets won’t be found. One is in Your home. 6 will be in your Neighbor’s house. 4 will be in your Neighbor’s home on the other side of the first neighbor’s home. 2 will be in the third home away from your home. That’s 13 Bullets found. 3 will be found in a couple of homes three blocks away. One will be going into a home 6 blocks away. That’s 17. Where did the other three go?

Two hit cars on the Freeway. But where is the last bullet? Where did it end up? And?

Did any of them injure or kill people outside your home? Here locally, a local Drug Dealer popped off a round from a 9mm pistol and the bullet went thru all the apartment walls of all the Apartments in a long Apartment Building and ended up in a baby’s buttock. And he went to Prison for it.

So, if you Fire, Your Gun, YOU OWN EVERY BULLET YOU FIRED! They Kill a fella. They injure a Child. YOU OWN that! You pulled the Trigger!

And that noise was just an Oversized load in the washer that was a bumping because the laundry basket inside was no longer balanced like a flat tire. And the washer was rocking up and down making a loud booming sound. And it was coming near the front door. But you’d been drinking your Beer and you thought it was The Law come to get you and you decided you weren’t going DOWN. No, you gonna Man-Up with your Man-Up Assault Gun. And you shit the entire Clip thru the door. Or did you have a 30 round clip? And you shot 30 times?

And you Open the Door and you look outside and so do your Neighbors. They wanna know what PSYCHO just shot up the Neighborhood.

And so will The Law. But what other consequences are coming your Way? Did you kill or injure others? Those Assault Bullets travel a long way. How far does your bullets go?

The NRA says that for a 9 mm handgun, the most popular handgun according to, a bullet will travel up to 2,130 yards, or about 1.2 miles. You Shit! For a Colt .45, the next most popular handgun, you’re looking at about 1,850 yards, which is just about 1 mile. You Cow!

Of course, handguns aren’t long-distance firearms. Rifles are built to be more accurate from greater distances. The notorious AR-15 rifle is the most popular, according to the NRA, and its maximum range is around 3,840 yards, or 2.2 miles. WTF? Bear in mind, those of you with dreams of long-distance hunting, that maximum range is far from effective range, so the odds of hitting a target at that distance are slim. 

If you’re wondering what the maximum distance is that a gun has ever been used effectively, BBC says it’s 3,870 yards, just over 2.2 miles. A Canadian special forces sniper made the shot in Iraq in 2017, killing an Islamic State militant.

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So, your Dead child just got killed by the bullets fired from an Assault Gun. Now comes-

  1. Hospital.
  2. Funeral Home.
  3. Funeral.
  4. Sorrow.
  5. Anger.
  6. Rage.
  7. Forgiveness if you can give it.
Texas Governor Abbott hold in am Assault Weapon with High Powered Sniper Scope and Muzzle Silencer to silence the Gun when fired on the barrel’s End. And it has a Sniper Bi-Pod on it too with its little legs. I guess if he went PSYCHO, he could shoot people on 6th Street outside the Capital from his Office. But no, I don’t see him doing that but I don’t know what goes thru his mind and no one knows what anyone is thinking. We don’t.

Buying an Assault Weapon doesn’t have a damn Thing to do with Machismo.

Join the Military to find Your Machismo.

But when you see your Child or someone you know suddenly buying Assault WEAPONS, Body Armor to deflect bullets, tons of ammo, and they are playing the Song-Let the Bodies Hit the Floor! Guess what? You better be Calling The Law!

In Operation Iraqi Freedom, a US Marine told me that they played this Song over and over again while on the Ship. And he said when they did, they’d all jump up and In to each other getting into the Killing Spirit

And you wonder how they psych Soldiers into a Killing Frenzy. Now, you know…

These are the ones needing Assault Weapons! Not weak minded weaklings scared of noises and what they are told to be scared of…