Best Baked Chicken EVER!

Who loves Cooked Chicken? Me too. So, let’s cook that Super Easy Chicken for your Family!

Spot the Butter Chunks under the Skin. Notice Skin is not Broken.

WASH YOUR HANDS! Have a clean Area to cook.

  1. Set your Oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Rinse with water your Big Cooking Hen in a Sink. Sink must be clean!
  3. Put 1-2 cup water in your Cooking Pan.
  4. Slowly Divide the Breast Chicken Skin from the Meat with your hands. It’s easy. But Don’t Break or Split the Skin. And pull it apart on the Legs too.
  5. Lift your bird at an Angle and sprinkle Your Seasonings under the Skin on breast and legs. Sprinkle Seasoning into Open Chest and Stomach Cavity too.
  6. Rub your seasoning around with your fingers under the skin on the raw meat.
  7. Add a 1/2″ piece of Butter under skin in each leg. Two or three chunks under the Breast Skin.
  8. USE Mrs. Dash Salt-free Chicken Seasoning on The top of Chicken and pepper. And your choice of your favorite Seasoning. BUT DON’T DOUBLE SALT under and on top of the Skin. Once is enough.
  9. When Oven is Ready, put your chicken in that big Cooking Pan in your Oven.
  10. COOK FOR ONLY 10 MINUTES at 450. Then lower the Cooking Temperature to 350 degrees.

Your Total Cooking Time is One and One/Half Hours for a thawed Chicken.

Okay, your 90 minutes are Up!

Pull Your Super Delicious Chicken out of Oven and let it sit for 10 minutes and then Cut it Up and Serve to your Deserving Family that loves Good Food and-

EASY TO MAKE! TEN MINUTES PREP TIME FOR experienced Mothers and Fathers who enjoy cooking. 15 for 1st Timers.

Make Sandwiches or Tacos with your cut up chicken also. But Enjoy!

You know, I hate Reading Recipes Online where it takes forever to get to the Recipe while the Writer talks about How Amazing a Cook they are.

I’m simple and I love simple to Cook Steak and Potatoes. Chicken. Baked Potatoes. Comfort Food!