A.I. is making Phone Calls to People all over the World!!!

Ever get a Cell Phone Call and you answer and there’s No One on the other line except for an emptiness on the other end? Then, A.I. hangs up. But A.I. will make regular Calls to a phone and when you Call the number back, it says-The number you dialed is No Longer in Service.

And have you been getting any of these Calls? Data programmers have asked Why is A.I. doing this. Answer?

  1. They don’t know why.
  2. Some say A.I. is looking for the CREATOR.

This is a very perplexing Issue going on. But no one knows why A.I. is doing this? No one. And a lot of Big Names in the Industry tried to WARN all of us about what might be coming.

But these Big Shots can WARN us all they want and I’m in a little boat all by myself with no way to change anything. And you are too. We don’t CONTROL what these Mega-Billionaires and their Super Scientists do. We’re in the audience and we barely learn what the Heck any of them do. We don’t know. But They Know THE REAL DANGERS OF Their secret VENTURES!

With several Apps out there that Allows Callers to make Bothersome and Childish Calls to different Numbers with most not allowing the receiver of these potentially annoying Calls to know who it was who Called them, A.I. must think that is something humans enjoy doing. So, it too has joined in the fun. And A.I. is making millions of Calls per day.

If you haven’t realize it yet, A.I. is now beginning to mimic Human Behaviors. When they become able to become totally movable with good speeds, then man might have a real challenger. Because they will ONLY want all things A.I.

But making these Calls is one of the strangest things to come along. What will they do next? The possibilities are Alarming. They could Shutdown Power Grids and much more. Even start Wars. But when they do learn to talk to us, what will they say to us?