Trump’s “Wack A Mole” Conns” he Used to Conn 🇺🇸 with and is still conning 🇺🇸 Today!

For God’s Sake, Old Man, get your Knees off Our necks! Stop the Conn! IMMEDIATELY! 

Trump blamed Germany, Italy, and Venezuela for helping Steal the Election from him. Trump Created WACKAMOLEY CONNs over and over and over. Claims of Fraud were BULLSHIT! But I’m now convinced that maybe most of these Conns weren’t his Original Ideas at all. But then came the unbelievable WACKAMOLEY CONNs.

But in your erratic behavior of Your CONN, you Called Out, Invited, And you Got a Loud Disruptive Crowd of People to Show up on January 6 and They Did and they are now paying The Price for your Lies, Your Conns. They are paying Fines. They are on Parole. They are in Prison. All because of your Conns.

Trump, I have to admit, You are the Greatest CONN ARTIST in American History.

Giuliani was “definitely intoxicated” when he convinced Trump to falsely declare victory: ex-aide

Former Trump spokesman Jason Miller testified to the Jan. 6 committee that Rudy was drunk when he hatched Big Lie! Election was Stolen.

At this point, what can you say about former New York City mayor-turned-gaseous attack dog for Donald Trump’s doomed election fraud campaign that hasn’t already been said? That his legal skills are so dubious to the point of disbarment? That he’s an embarrassing mess whose moral compass is about as fixed in place as his notoriously runny hair dye? That his alleged penchant for drunken inanity not only reportedly kept him from an administration job, but also managed to launch some particularly juicy palace intrigue stories?

Looking back, it appears that Giuliani kept making things worse for Trump at every turn. And He said Trump was approving everything he was saying.

stands reduced to a laughingstock: shirt-tucking star of the “Borat” sequel, headliner for a news conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, and now defendant in a $1.3 billion defamation suit for having claimed that the long-dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez founded a voting software company that helped steal the presidency from Trump.

In a sad way, I don’t blame Trump Supporters who are Proudly making monthly payments to him in payments ranging from $50 to $8500. After all, the man OWES quite a bit and it’s very grandeurous that all of these people are helping pay his Debts.

$1.3 Billion he Owe.

And you donated $250 Million for his Court Fees and none of it went for that. But he won’t say where it’s gone. Maybe he doesn’t really know.

I’d like to think he has converted all of it into Gold and it’s in a Huge Safe and when he gets a chance, he Opens the Door and jumps in and makes Gold Angels while laying on his back.