Who can Out-Slaughter Who? 316,000-400,000 Will Die in One Year in Ukraine!

I pray all World Leaders take a moment to read this very small Blog. Reshare it! A Quarter of a Million to 400,000 Dead People in Ukraine is completely Intolerable! World Leaders, Your Actions must be Pressed now with the highest degree of Urgency. This cannot continue. A Thumb must be put on the World’s Heartbeat! And Check How the World Feels. This War must be Ended Immediately. This War is a War Crime. A complete War Crime.

Today, Ukraine is losing 200 Soldiers per day. In one year, if that amount continues, that number balloons to 73,000 Dead Ukrainian Soldiers. Add Civilian Deaths and the Total Number of Deaths will be over 100,000 Dead Ukrainians. Maybe alot more. Could be 150,000. Or MORE!

So, in the below, 130,000 Civilians may have been Killed in Mariupol alone already. And if Russia is simple going to knock down the Buildings they destroy without removing the Bodies?

So, the number in A Year could be 280,000 Dead for Ukarine alone.

But Boychenko said when the Russians saw the actual number of bodies found under the rubble, they immediately moved the local residents away from the area.

“The real number of bodies under the rubble of destroyed houses is frightening. Almost 50 to 100 people were killed under almost every destroyed house, and 1,300 high-rise buildings were destroyed in Mariupol,” Boychenko said

Zelensky says Russia has had 31,000 of its Russian Soldiers have been Killed. At their Rate of Death, in one year, 106,745 will have been Killed. Add Separatist Deaths and Pro-Russian Civilian Deaths and that Total will be 150,000 Dead Russians with Their Supporters.

100,000 vs 150,000 DEATHS a year from this point right now? From the Beginning to now? WTH? How long will this Insanity Continue? 250,000 KILLED? Over Land Grabbing Land Lust?

Over one man’s deranged mind of How he wants to rewrite History where in his version, He Wins. He is so wrong. So wrong.

Putin-“America should be on our side. Ukrainians are nothing more than N_ _ _ _ _ _S for Americans in your Country. You Americans are hypocritical.