Y’all got a Water Problem! The longer you wait, the worse things are going to get. The Solution is Simple.

If The Alaska Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline can be Built, the Drought Survival Pipeline can be Built too. But are you afraid to work together as a Connection of States?
  1. Trade a Quid Pro Quo Deal with Canada. Allow the Keystone Pipeline to FLOW! IN exchange for Our getting Great Lakes Water to help America’s Western Region all the way to California and all the way down to Texas SURVIVE THIS HISTORIC DROUGHT.
  2. Most of this doom to be desperately needed Water needs simple to be Shipped to an Area near Lake Mead. Colorado’s River will Carry Water to Many in Need.
  3. But the longer y’all wait, the Point of No Return will get faster than all of you are prepared to wait.
  4. If Texas can get an 18 year Project of Building a Sea Wall at a Cost of $31 Billion Dollars. Why can’t all of you States soon to be in a MAGA DROUGHT, why not Ask for Your Project Money.
  5. It won’t be a Lifetime of getting Great Lakes Water. But y’all are needing it NOW! And when you can’t get water for Crops necessary for Americans, what are you going to do?
  6. What are you going to do when no water is being Released out of Lake Mead? All of you expecting Colorado River water all the way down into Austin, Texas can just go kicking a Can. By that time, You waited Too Long! No, water wasn’t a priority to you.

But when you see Lakes Dry up like I have and seen it turn to mud and you get to watch the fish flopping until they all die. I truly feel that God is punishing all of you for your Sinful Ways. And His has an Open Door to get that Water you need and I already pointed it out to you. Canada will work with you if you quit Putting America And Yourself FIRST. America is great, but not to the point that some are saying. That’s a page out of the Communist Handbook. And we need to recognize our Wonderful Neighbors-Mexico and Canada.