STUNTMAN Starring Eddie Braun on DISNEY+ is a MUST WATCH MOVIE! 5-STAR!

Evel Knievel Lunch Box

Many a young man has had the Dream to be a Stuntman. Be like Evel Knievel. And like being an Actor or Actress, but there’s just not enough room for them all. Only few make it. But some get their Shot to go the Distance. And EDDIE BRAUN is a Super Stuntman that did what Evel Knievel failed to accomplish. And most viewed Evel as a Superman. A Super Hero. And his son as well. But if you wanna watch a MOVIE that will take you on a wonderful Storyline following One Man Dream to do what His Hero failed to do. A Super Stuntman with nothing but respect for his fellow members in the Stunt World. But what did Eddie do?


So, go to DISNEY+ and watch a Great Movie. Just watch this one man, Eddie Braun, relive his Life and his Hardships trying to get a Boyhood Dream into really being Completed. The frustrations of NO SPONSORS for a very deadly Jump over a River in a Rocketship powered by a Rocket Engine of Superheated Steam. The Drama is finger biting. One Backer after another were scared away. But Eddie would not be Denied. His strength of character prevailed and his strength only makes the Drama more Real. I loved this Movie! Let me say that again, I LOVED this Movie! Eddie wasn’t a famous Star. But his Gifts of his Stunts in Movies have made many a Star more famous than they could ever have become making Millions for these Stars while giving all of us viewing our pleasure.

Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!