Texas Lacks Real Leadership! Electric Grid, BORDER, UVALDE, New Voting Laws, and TDCJ are Top Fiascos! But more will Come as Texas continues keep Old Goats in Office.

A Texas Felonious INMATE with a murderous past escapes under extremely mysterious Conditions from a Transportation Bus which always requires THREE, not TWO, Transportation Officers.

Then the Escaped Killer adds Kills 5 more Bodies to his Bloody Acts which amazingly occurred in the Original Containment Search Area. And he was still there. WTH?

Who Dropped the Ball? In the Original BUS, Cutting through a Locked Metal Door seems very Odd. Very, very Odd.

Was the Officer in the Back of that Bus ASLEEP? He had to have had a perfect(Very, very Odd)of the Backside of all the Inmates in the Bus. Didn’t he? Or maybe Not? What could have possibly distracted the Transport Officers?

Then I remembered a few things I witnessed and Saw before U Retired as a Texas Prison Guard.

Did both Officers have EAR BUDS in their Ears and was the Officer in the Back of the Bus on His Cell Phone completely distracted from all the Escape Activity in Progress just behind the Officer driving the Bus? Just a Guess,

but after watching Officers in the Hallways of Hospitals ASLEEP or on their Cell Phones and oblivious of their Surroundings while listening to their EAR BUDS.

Once, I saw your Young Officers all asleep in the Hallway of a Hospital when my wife was in a room down the Hallway.

Overworked? Most Likely. But most or a great many work at TDCJ have second Full paying Jobs. They got Kids, single Parents. And they Nap whenever possible. And this activity at times Puts the Public at Risk? Sure it does…

But at one Unit, they were routinely sending as many as 5 Inmates in a Van to Hospital Galveston with only one Officer. And at another, one Guard would take up 8-10 Inmates in a Van to be transferred to another Unit. Rules changed? All the Time to fit their Needs.

Electric Grid? Same old things. Nothing New and Rolling Blackouts are Coming!

BORDER ISSUES? Try starting back with Operation Wetback

https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/entries/operation-wetback. Border Issues have managed to keep afloat for a long time. Trump refocused America’s Attention on it and He wanted His Wall so he’d pocket some Pie$$$$$$$$Monies.

UVALDE? It’s on Congress at every Level. Set Age Limit and remove 30-Round Clips from these War Guns is not an Insane Action or going Against the Constitution. 21 and 10rd is all they should be

or 5 Round Magazines.

If you can’t kill A fella (intruder) or Deer in 5 SHOTS, you don’t need to own one. These are Weapons of War. Not intended in the Hands of the Public who are way too Lax on Home and Vehicle Safety in Regards to their Guns. 96% have No Safety Training. Most can’t even tell you how far these Bullets will travel thru Walls?

But Nothing meaningful will Happen! NRA has their hands on their every Legislative Action. Their Hands are tied. Their Money Hands are…

But the Same ole Voters keeping pushing Old Goat Cronies in to their Same Political Positions with their old ideas all across the State and 🇺🇸 has Stalemated Progressive Thought and we’ve finally Regressed into Old Fart Ideas from the way far away past. We’re returning to the 1940s. Reversing Roe vs Wade is the Biggest Proof. And that Period of Norms that Old People Hate being ignored like nobody Else but Old People. Put us all back there in that Era Mindset and then they all Die laughing at their Donor Dinners.

But come Election Time, they get up and say the same things Voters want to hear the The Voters keep them In Office no matter what they say or do.

You will never believe how much money they have taken in Donations. NationBudgetInbillionsthem.


We got Major Problems with these Old Goats here in Texas all the way to the Top. In every Table Session, they are Controlling Freaks with no empathy for New Ideas or thoughts. TDCJ is imploding in on itself with fewer and fewer Guards.


Public Risk has never been Higher! Inmates will soon be running the Texas Prisons. And Loved Ones could get Killed like in Centerville or in the Prison.


I see this happening because they’ve taken away too much money from TDCJ’s Budget.