WORLD PROCLAMATION we the People of earth-You and Me-All of Us.

As human beings, as a person, a member of earth, as a member of Wanting to Live, We, The World’s Occupants want Our Leaders to take a moment to Gauge their Places in Our WORLD. And to Immediately Halt all Hostilities towards one another. No, you will never see each other as Equals or even understand each other’s Ideologies and We have realized that a long time Ago. We aren’t Stupid.

But OUR WORLD PROCLAMATION is for securing a Better World and one not headed back to 3000 B.C. This Proclamation We Make because all of us WANT TO LIVE


  1. America and Russia and China and All Countries must STOP THEIR COLD WARS! Israel, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq must STOP THEIR COLD WARS. South Korea and North Korea must STOP THEIR COLD WAR. IMMEDIATELY!
  2. China, Russia, and America must End their Amassing More Weapons of War. All New Weapons must not go into PRODUCTION by any World Country. SUPERSONIC AND HYPERSONIC WEAPONS ARE HEREBY BANNED. America and Russia must reduce their NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARSENALS to no more than 300 Nuclear Warheads. No Ship, Plane, Missile, or Submarine may carry more than One Nuclear Warhead with only a Single Explosive Nuke in each.
  3. Russia must end its Occupation of Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine must End all Hostilities. Russia must remove all of its Weaponry and Soldiers from Ukraine. Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine must Agree NOT to Fight any further. Eastern Ukraine remains part of Ukraine. But they must be recognized as having a Special Relationship with Russia. And they cannot breakaway from being part of the Ukrainian Government. And Russia Must Agree to No Further Messing around in either’s Politics. Russia must Un-Annex Eastern Ukraine.
  4. Russia must make Monthly Payment to Ukraine for the rebuilding of Ukraine until an Agreed amount is met. And for Purchasing Crimea.
  5. Russia will Unblock all Ukrainian Ports. And Russia Must respect Ukraine’s Territorial Waters and International Borders. Russia will end all Provocative Actions towards Ukraine. Ukraine must Agree NOT to Allow Any NAZI IDEOLOGY to be taught in Ukraine.
  6. As part of Ending their Respective Cold Wars, each Country will allow Visits by Military Members of the other Country as part of Friendly Exchanges to help build a mutual Respect for another’s Country.
  7. A Yearly Visit by the World Leaders to another Country must take place. By a Random Picking of Order for the first Visit, America must Visit China and Russia or Vice Versa. For instances, China Visits America in 2023. America visits China next Year in 2024. Russia Visits America in Year 2023. America visits Russia next Year 2024. North Korea will visit South Korea in Year 2023 and South Korea will visit North Korea next Year 2024. Israel visits Iran in Year 2023 and Iran visits Israel next Year 2024. Countries with Burgeoning Hostilities towards each other must begin the Yearly Visits and End all Fighting. It must be randomly started and reciprocated each year thereafter. These are Friendly showing of one’s Cultural to another. These are NOT STATE Visits for Ten Years.
  8. All Countries that Put Trash in SPACE must begin picking up that Trash from SPACE. WE dirtied our Planet and now We have Dirtied our SPACE. WE MUST BEGIN CLEANING SPACE!
  9. The Amount of Ships and Planes a Country has right now in its Inventory CANNOT BE INCREASED. Aging Planes and Ships can be Replaced.
  10. Invasions of other Countries are BANNED! Russia and NATO must Sign a New Non-Invasion PACT! An actual PEACE AGREEMENT.
  11. No Country will make any Nuclear Threats or Use of Nuclear Weapons toward one another. Such Threats must be Recognized as being Very Dangerous and Highly Provocative.
  12. NATO must Agree to Not Further equip any new NATO member with Weapons or Troops for Ten Years. New Members may still join.
  13. All Joint Military Operations or SHOW OF FORCE Operations by All Countries must be placed ON HOLD for Eight Years. And if their Intentions are Provocative, they must not be Continued at all.
  14. All Hostilities must End in Syria. In Afghanistan. In Yemen. In any Country in the World.
  15. The World must Recognize that Killing each other must End. Everyone must come to mutual Understanding. And accept What Land their Country possesses is All You Get. No more Expansive Plans.
  16. China must End its Occupations of Floating Islands meant as Military Bases.
  17. The World must work together to solve Our World’s Climate Issues. And Fair and Equal Trade Agreements must be established and not the Status Quo.. All Countries must work together so that Sanctions can be REMOVED. Progressive, Productive Standards towards one another must begin.
  18. No Country may expand their Military Troops numbers by more than 500 per year.
  19. All Russian Troops that committed intentional Crimes in Ukraine must be brought to Trial. War Crime Tribunals must be Carried out for those who Committed Crimes in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq. And in any other Country as well.
  20. The United Nations must consider dissolving themselves and only become a Humanitarian Organization where U.N. Troops can ONLY be used to disperse Humanitarian Goods equally to those in Countries of NEED.
  21. The World and All Countries must Recognize its obligation to see that No Human Starves to DEATH here on Our Earth.
  22. Any Planetary Habitation beyond Earth must be Allowed through a World Decision and by several Countries and not the Few.
  23. All Elections on Earth must be done fairly and honestly.
  24. Sharing of any and All Nuclear informations for making Nuclear Weapons must End. The World must Recognize the Real Dangers of these Weapons.
  25. All Dictatorships must be ended and Power passed along to the Citizens of that Country in Ten Years.
  26. All Countries must find Common Sensible Ground in order to fight Common World Dangers such as Covid-19.
  27. False-Flag Operations against another Country for must End. False-Flag Operation-a hostile or harmful action (such as an attack) that is designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone other than the person or group responsible for it In case you didn’t know, a false flag is an incident that is designed to deceive people into thinking it was actually carried out by someone else.

This Concludes my view of Our World Proclamation. It is only a Start and yet, it is being presented in Hopes that Rational Thinking comes abreast of what the World truly needs and wants and not what Single Nations want or do that the World is disgusted by.

The World is Disgusted by Russia’s Action in and Against Ukraine. War Action has gone way too long in other Countries such as Syria and Yemen. War and constant Killing is Not the Answer.

Better and meaningful fruitation of warmth can exist if Man Chooses it to be…the World Leaders must End their Wheeling around their Ball Sacks in a Wheel barrel and realize that all men have Balls. Man’s Thinking with his Balls ONLY has to end and is what has gotten us in the Mess of War right now…be a Proud Sponsor of PEACE! We must all learn to Speak PEACE and not War. I believe we can do this if we only start in that Direction Today.

Beyond the innocence of man, the Journey begins…the living breathing James Brown