I’m not saying nothing, but all y’all might want to pay Attention in the Classroom

  1. Almost EVERY DAY, there is a TDCJ Ad on TV trying to get TDCJ Officers. Even Part-time Officers. Have things got that bad? I believe it’s now beyond Bad.
  2. And did you see the Escaped Texas Prison in May? In a certain Search Area and was there until yesterday when he did what? But more importantly, why aren’t there THREE Transport Officers on the TDCJ Transport Bus that was transferring a Known Dangerous Felon?
  3. And he was still in the SEARCH PERIMETER before He Stole a Truck. But not before he KILLED 5 PEOPLE. How was this How missed? He was missed in the Searching? Telling people it was SAFE to return to their Homes. Man who does that?
  4. Lots of Budget Money got taken from the Texas Prison System Budget. 👀 below 4 yourself. It ain’t No Secret.
  5. There is a HUGE SHORTAGE of Texas Prison Guards. These Correctional Officers are working not One but Three different other TDCJ Units from their assigned Prison. And personally, I Hated that. And it’s another reason Officers are Quitting.
  6. Not trying to point at nothing, but Did you see How Much Budget Money was taken from TDCJ? Maybe as if The TDCJ Budget was someone’s personnel Budget? I hated taking Inmates to Hospital Galveston in TDCJ Vans that had almost 250,000 miles on them. They were scary while trying to go all over the road because it had mechanical Issues. But new ones rarely came. And Why?
Whose at Fault for letting this Killer Escape? Transport Rules were Broken! Not Followed!!!


This budget request was developed consistent with the guidance received from State Leadership directing agencies not to exceed 2020-2021 levels after a 5% reduction. For TDCJ that results in a $306 million dollar reduction. This reduced funding request includes the closure of an additional facility that will be determined in the near future.

Take Monies away and ignoring real Needs! And TDCJ must work Harder to Cut Things when Certain people use their Budget as their own personal Piggy Bank.

“We recognize the State’s leadership will be making many difficult funding decisions during the upcoming legislative session,” said Bryan Collier TDCJ Executive Director. “We appreciate the hard work of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Legislature and their recognition of the valuable service performed by the employees of this agency. We share a commitment to public safety and sound correctional management and are confident the critical funding requirements of the criminal justice system will be met.”

Abbott along with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Speaker Dade Phelan, Sen. Jane Nelson and Rep. Greg Bonnen signed a letter Wednesday during the press conference allowing a transfer of $250 million to launch border wall construction and to pay for a program manager and contractors.

“This funding is a down payment to begin design and construction of physical barriers on voluntarily donated private and public lands that border this state and Mexico,” the letter reads.

The $250 million will come out of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s allocations for Fiscal Year 2023 and go to the Disaster Funds for Fiscal Year 2022, according to the letter.

And below is the “Download” to see that Letter!

Taking $250 Million from a Budget already hard hit? And then another $4 Million? Man, who does that?


Members of a north Houston family were the apparent victims of an escaped prisoner who authorities believe killed four boys and their grandfather on Thursday at their weekend home in Centerville.

“We are beyond devastated,” wrote the brother-in-law of the grandfather on Facebook. “The victims of the escaped convict near Centerville were my bother-in-law and 4 great nephews, his grand children. The kids aged in range from 11-18. The oldest just graduated high school last week. The loss is unbearable.”

Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to reallocate $4 million in Texas Department of Criminal Justice funding to combat ELECTION Fraud left a budget hole in a department already struggling to fill Correctional Officer positions.

Left a What? What’s a Budget HOLE? What the Heck is that?


Did Staff Shortages cause ONLY TWO Officers in the TDCJ Transport Van from which the Deadly Texas Inmate Escaped?

When I worked for TDCJ, it always had to be THREE TRANSPORT OFFICERS on any Transport Bus. So, who changed that? Or skimmed on that one?

Now Five Killed by someone who should never have ESCAPED. NEVER!


Texas had a 40.3% turnover rate for correctional officer positions in 2021, according to a 2022 report released by the Texas State Auditor’s Office. The turnover rate for officers increased by almost 7% between 2020 and 2021.

But does you care? OT ARE EE HONNA SEE MORE ESCAPES? I FEEL Afraid NOW! Don’t you?

“Correctional officers walk the toughest beat,” he said. “Every person that you come across in a unit is a convicted felon.”

Having Semen, Piss, Blood, and Shit thrown on me I learned to ignore while I did a COUNT of the Inmates in one of Five Different Texas Prisons. I quit the First Time and held on the Retire the next. But the last of it I went thru Three Prisons to get to one closer to Home. But I still hated being Chunked On! And it makes me sick to hear the Guy say I loves My Job on the TDCJ TV AD. I Hated Working for TDCJ. But I kept working for my Family. We had to have A Paycheck and Medical Insurance. That’s the ONLY reason. Again, I hated My Job at TDCJ. And that was over Ten Years of working Ad Seg where the Inmates are their very worse on Behaviors. You didn’t get put in Seg for being Nice and Obeying the Rules.

But dammit, I always felt like the Legislators didn’t give a Shit about us! Even going so far as to say a Trained Monkey could be taught to do our Jobs.

I always wanted to see that!

Don’t you too?

“I think the turnover rate is because of how staff are treated,” Ormsby said. “You can pay someone all the money in the world, but if they don’t feel like they’re appreciated they are going to quit.” And I never felt Appreciated. They always promoted Suck-Ass Assholes! And the biggest were the Wardens doing whatever they damn well pleased doing! To Inmates and Officers. Killing Probations just because they didn’t like the way an Inmate or even am Officer was looking at them.