Come Fall, Come Winter, Russia will be Playing the part of Nazi Germany and Ukraine will be playing St. Petersburg from WW-II

Come Fall, Come Winter, Russia will be Playing the part of Nazi Germany and Ukraine will be playing St. Petersburg from WW-II.

Putin’s Greatest Fear is this Coming Winter. Fall will be Messy, Tanks will be swallowed up by the earth. Soldiers too. And the Winter is supposed to be the Coldest in History as they are predicting. And with Morale Issues and Food Issues Pay Issues for Russian Soldiers, Its gonna be a mess for Putin. For those fighting. But Putin’s War was originally only to last three days. Fully believing that Ukraine would fold like those in Afghanistan folding to the Taliban in only Days. But this War is a far cry worse than Afghanistan and it’s going to crush Russian Hearts by Christmas. Then, maybe the Russian People aren’t going to continue to support their War Effort? But by then, over 75,000 Russians could be Milked in Ukraine as Conscripts now training in the 60 year Old tanks that Russia is now sending in to fight in Ukraine. And these are twice as easy for the Anti-Tank missiles to destroy. Instant Coffins. Instant Coffins.

And with bigger and more Powerful Weapons being provided by the West to Ukraine. I’d go AWOL if I were a Russian Soldier. The Winter, the Frozen Dead of Lost Fingers and Toes is going to be Unmerciful. My Uncle lost all of his Toes in Germany during WW-II. And this War isn’t going to be stopping for Winter. It’s going to be colder than anything ever seen. And Soldiers with Flu and Covid and Pneumonia are going to Die. In large numbers. Very Large Numbers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired five generals and one police colonel, according to a report from Moscow-based media group RBC, amid the country’s military failures in Ukraine.*TUJ0RWliOW16RVZoM3YwbzA1cngwbkd4eFA0bllycFdWZkpvWmhKbXpkcXpYN2tkYUFuXzdsbWIwa2lyRHJKdw..

Russian troops are being forced to eating dogs and cats because of food shortages, Ukraine’s security service has claimed.

I predict many Russian Soldiers are going to Starve To Death this Winter. Their Logistics are Broken. Russia’s Mad Hatter isn’t a War Mind and his Actions could Kill as many as 300,000 Russian Soldiers before this is over. He is acting actually like Hitler killing, during, and retiring His Generals. Wth? Such stupid Decisions

Russians need to Wake-Up and climb-up and out of the Rabbit Hole they’re living in. This isn’t Alice in Wonderland

If you don’t provide Hot Meals to your Troops, they are gonna Buck. Hot Meal make up for days eating out of Boxes and Cans. I ordered a Russian Soldier Meal on the Internet a few years ago and Lord did it STANK! Horrible Food I would not feed my dogs. Tasted badly. Very Bad.

But one day, the War in Ukraine will be over. But it might not be anything close to what Russia Planned. Not at all.