L O V E-the World’s Most Sought-After, elusive “kind-of-many-things” and will you Pick Love over Hate?

No, not a thing-of-a-jig. It’s kind of a thing-of-a-thing. And just when you think you’ve grasped it, Love seems to slip away. It slides away. It simply disappears. Or it hammers your Heart and Mind.

And when it does, we become so very happy. Happy in Love. But trying to explain what it is has been on the minds of the World all the way back to Adam and Eve. I guess that’s when it all started or did God teach them? Or was it the Devil? Or the animals? Who teaches Love? Lol.

But Love has been written about thru Poems and Literature for as long as man learned to put words down on paper or even walls in Caves. The Oldest Cave Wall has written on it-I Love You.

Lol. Or maybe not. Maybe a wish for some food was the reason for early pic of animals and stuck figures chasing them. But somewhere along the way, we’ve all got to decide what Love is? What is it to you? Someone who lives you? Lives in Love? And if so, how do you know? Because they buy you a plate of food? A Drink? Fliwers? A Gift? A Ring? Take you to a Movie? And then there is Lust. Is it Lust and not Love?

And many a teen found Love for the 1st time in the family Car at an old Drive-In Movie Theater. Because People were FORNICATING at them here where I live, they Tore down the Drive-In because of a Huge Evangelical Grouping of all the local Pastors who went on the Anti-Fornicating CAMPAIGN. They actually Did! Reminded me alot of the Beatle Mania attack by the SBC and out went the vinyl Records and they burned them in the Parking Lot. You know, anything that the Pastors believed was competing with them and coming between you and God. Well, out it goes. But not until a Fire and Brimstone Preaching at the Pulpit for a few weeks that helped drum up the Old Farts in the Church to Act Out for Christianity’s Sake. We got to “Burn the Devils Records” I remember them saying. My father even asked me if I had any. I didn’t. But I had every single .45 that James Brown, the Godfather of SOUL ever put out. And my father didn’t know that.

But what is Love? What does it mean to you? Lol. I remember writing Love Poems to women. And they loved me for making them feel extra special. Boy, that was the time in my young Life.

Love, the deep reaching into one’s Soul. The indisputable feeling of a those blessed feelings from kissing of that beautiful kiss. The warmth of skin on skin. And the look of love in one’s eyes. The love look? But Love, is it just found, fought for, unexpected, borrowed, bought, or Stolen?

Hate is the complete opposite of Love. And with Hate, Love cannot be found. But where are you Sweet Love? Doeth thou only travel with us once, twice, or thrice? Or forever? Will Love follow you? Be with you? On you? In You? When your pedal like a flower is blooming? And is Love color orientated? Certain Colors make us more in Love than others? Blue? Red? Yellow? Purple? Pink?

And smells? Can we smell Love? Do certain Odors open our minds to Love? Perfumes? Colognes? Aftershaves? Shampoo? Conditioner? Soaps? Body Odors? Yes, does our body give off a body Odor that awakens Love?

Is Love a spectacle? Comes to us in Spectacular Fashion? But does Love prevent us from asking a person on a date? Or a cause to ask?

And does Love travel down the tube of a Flute? Entering our ears? From a Piano? A Voice? A whisper in the ear?

Buy whatever Love is to you? Isn’t it time to reflect on Love in your Life? With all that is going on all around us, isn’t it time to stop And remind ourselves of that amazing feeling of Love? And what are you knowing and what do you want to be taught? Love, find it again! Enjoy it!