Texas Prison Nightmare!

I retired as a Texas Prison Guard. And sometimes I dream about that past. But last night I had a Waterboy type dream of that Prison System. From time to time, I have Dreams about that past and stupid events that took place from those Prison Days. I once Dreamed that all the Inmates got up and started dancing in a choreographed manner singing a Song as they danced. It was strange. But kind of beautiful in a kind of odd way. Maybe something for the Movies. Make a Musical Prison Movie. It might be Great if it were done right. But-

Here’s the dream I had last night-

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

It was my last night to work my Texas Prison Guard Job. My last night. And it started at my house. But not really my home at all. And I left my grandparents home riding a Riding Mower. Just like in the WATERBOY the Movie. And I drove about 20 miles to another Unit to work my last night. On a Riding Mower. Totally weird. And all I had to do was transport an Inmate from one Unit to another. But I never got that far.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Instead, I went into the Unit that I had never worked and it was a very strange set up. Basically, the Inmates ran Wild. They didn’t control the Unit but they went wherever they wanted to go on the Unit. And I was told by the Night Lieutenant that I had to go to another Unit to get the Inmate. I had been sent to the wrong Unit in the 1st Place. So, I went outside and my Riding Mower was out of gas. I was stuck needing Gasoline for my Riding Mower.

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So, I went back inside to find the Night Lieutenant and ask about some Gasoline. And he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I was told to go to the Laundry and take a Left and there I’d find Gasoline. And I went to the Night Laundry and asked some Inmates where I needed to go and they DON’T want to help and they wanted to know who I was and what I was really doing there. The real reason I was there. They were typical paranoid Inmates not trusting anyone in a Uniform. It took a long time to talk with them and then they just got up and left and went wherever they wanted to go. No one controlled any of the Inmates or their movements. But I looked to the left and right on the other side of the perimeter fence was a SHELL GAS STATION and it was late but they were still OPEN. So, I asked who had the Keys to the Gate near that Station. And I called Main Control and asked someone to bring those keys to me at the Gate I saw on that fence nearest the Shell Station. And it was an Elderly Woman who brought the Keys and a very old and water-soaked diagram of this incredibly strangely designed Unit.

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And this woman with the Keys, she had no idea which Key it was that fit the lock on the Gate and there were a hundred keys to pick from. No, it was a thousand different Keys. Maybe even ten thousand of them and she became very frustrated as she sat down on the grass trying to make Heads or Tails of the Diagram she had. She flipped it right, then left, then backwards. Then she handed it to me and I looked and it was the Diagram of the strangest Prison Unit Diagram I’d ever seen. It made no sense to me either. But I did find the fence with the Shell Station just on the other side. And it was impossible to make out the Key number to that Gate on the Diagram. So, you’d have to try all of them she told me. Then she got up and burst into a fit of screaming rage and yanked out some of the hair on her head and dropped everything and ran away. While screaming-I QUIT, I QUIT, I QUIT over and over again Where was she going, Who knows? But her voice soon drifted away. Where she went? I didn’t know. I had no clue. Her bringing me the thousand Keys and this incredibly stupid Diagram didn’t bring me any closer to finding one that would, you know, would OPEN the Gate nearest the Shell Station. And my Riding mower had no Gasoline and I needed that and I wondered if I’d be fired if I didn’t complete my last assignment as a Prison Guard on my last day of work and I had no way to the Other Unit with no gas.

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Then the phone rang and it was Walgreens telling me I had a prescription ready that needed to be picked up. 😩👀👍👀😩. Lo. And oh yeah, I woke Up And the dream was over. And I bet the escaped Texas Inmate maybe had something to do with me having a dream and one about Transporting an Inmate from one Unit to another Unit. Who knows? They’re only Dreams. But I did have a dream he broke into our home and shot him in the Knee. You might be having nightmares that he’s gonna break into your Home. I know. It is a bothersome thing for sure.

Gonzalo Lopez, 46, was being transported to a medical appointment on May 12 in a caged area of the bus when he escaped in Leon County, a rural area between Dallas and Houston, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has said. A convicted murderer who was being transported in a Texas prison bus last Thursday allegedly cut through metal, attacked an officer and ran into woods nearby. He was added to the state’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List, with authorities offering up to $50,000 for information that leads to his capture.

But on a very real Note, I do Pray every night that God will hear all of the Prayers of all Inmates and all Prisoners all over the World. And that God hears the Prayers of all the loved ones on the outside. And that HE hears the Prayers of all who work at any Prison or go to the Prisons for any reason.