KEEP’EM FLYING. A very cute 1941 Comedy Movie

Two carnival stooges (Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) join a stunt pilot in Army flight school and meet twin sisters (Martha Raye).

Initial release: November 28, 1941

Director: Arthur Lubin

Starring: Bud Abbott; Lou Costello; Martha Raye; Carol Bruce

Budget: $450,000

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Jinx Roberts, an arrogant but talented stunt pilot, and his assistants Blackie and Heathcliff, are fired from a carnival air show after a disagreement with the owner. Jinx decides to join the Army Air Corps, and he, Blackie and Heathcliff go to a nightclub to party one last time. Jinx falls for the club’s singer, Linda Joyce. Coincidentally, she leaves her job to become a USO hostess at the same Academy where Jinx and her brother, Jimmy, are enrolled.

Jinx’s instructor at the Academy turns out to be Craig Morrison, his co-pilot on a commercial aircraft years earlier, and the two still hold animosity for each other. Meanwhile, Blackie and Heathcliff persuade a colonel to allow them to join the Air Corps as ground crewman. They fall in love with twin USO hostesses.

Jinx hatches a plan to help Jimmy solo by abandoning him in mid-air. Jimmy is nearly killed landing the plane. Linda deplores Jinx for his ill-conceived actions and he, along with Blackie and Heathcliff, who have had several mishaps of their own, are discharged from the air corps. In an aerial display during graduation, Craig parachutes out of a plane but gets his chute caught on the tail end of the aircraft. Jinx, watching from the ground, confiscates an aircraft and flies to his rescue. For his heroic actions, Jinx is reinstated and wins back Linda’s affections.


Keep ‘Em Flying was filmed at the Cal-Aero school in Ontario, California from September 5-October 29, 1941 under the working title Up in the Air. Costello’s brother Pat Costello was used as Lou’s stunt double.[6] Cinematographer Elmer Dyer filmed the aerial sequences with Paul Mantz looking after the aerial “stunts”.[7]

Although Keep ‘Em Flying was filmed after Ride ‘Em Cowboy, the film was released first to coincide with the War Department’s Keep ‘Em Flying Week.[6]

Poo some popcorn and Enjoy!