AFTER working 4 different Texas Prisons and Retiring as a Texas Prison Guard, have I earned the Right to say things? Things like How to Improve Inmate Conditions.

Folks, I worked in Prisons Hotter Than Hades! That Red Brick doesn’t shed the Suns Heat. And I started in 1978. But again, did I earn the Right to Say Anything? Did I? I hope you’ll agree that I do have that Right. Okay. Then let’s proceed.

  1. Let the Offenders have Decks of Cards! You can Bet on Checker Games, Chess Games, and Dominos. Let them have Cards. Lots of Games are played with Cards. Denying a Deck of Cards is for Play in the Dayroom is Inhumane Treatment. These Decks of Cards can be signed out like the Dominos are. The Prison Guard can monitor Play to prevent Gambling.
  2. Let the Offenders have Special Cell Phones that cannot have their Sims Card Removed. And can Only Call the Phone Numbers Approved by TDCJ on the Offenders Phone List. And set Time for making Calls at the regular Evening Relax Times. You know, before Bed Time and Lights Out. A Cell Phone Blocking Signal can be used for all Times that Offenders cannot use their own Cell Phones. WHY DO THIS? Simple. First Off, it can be done. 2nd, a Dorm with 64 Offenders. Have ONLY TWO WALL PHONES that go Online at 6 or 7pm till Rack up Time. And they get so many Hours per week on the Phones. Well, if you Calculate it, there’s no way for everyone to make a Call or get their allotted Time!!! They are denied Family Contact by Limited Phones available. This is inhumane Treatment.
  3. Allow Offenders more Free World Foods. Too many items SOLD in the Commissary are Off Name Brands I never saw before with Crazy, Stange Names. Things I never saw on any Shelves at any Stores. This is Inhumane Treatment.
  4. Allow Offenders to go to Commissary more Often. Too many Times Offenders Never get to Go to Commissary because of Work Jobs they are assigned to. This is Inhumane Treatment.
  5. Restock Commissary more Often. Too many times Offenders Never could get lots of Items because of Supply Logistics. Causing Empty Shelves. This is Inhumane Treatment.