Russia plans to Annex Territory belonging to Other Nations! When will this Shit ever End?

Liquidated Russian Soldiers! How many more must Die Heir Putin? Your lust for Land in Other Countries is beyond any Madness the World has ever seen in Modern Times. Your Agents Living in Other Countries request Your HELP. You agree and then Annex Land in Other Countries as your Disguise of Dictatorial Possession. Divine Right. But what gives you the Right to Steal Land. Their Resources. Force them to accept you. What you are doing has to End. It Must End!

Taking Land that doesn’t belong to You!

Russia Today-

  1. All Treaties Worldwide with Russia are now NULL and VOID. ALL OF THEM!
  2. Russia will now USE Gas Oil Grain Exports as BLACKMAIL! No Deal is to be Trusted.
  3. Russian People cannot be so Stupid that they don’t know of their Leader’s Imperialist War in Ukraine? And his Imperialist Plans of further Land Takeovers.
  4. Russian People cannot be so Stupid that they believe Themselves that UKRAINE is Overflowing with NAZI! A horrible Lie!
  5. The War is Ukraine must End!
  6. Heir Putin is Talking Annexing Israel! Parts of Hungary. Parts of Poland. Parts of Venezuela. Parts of Sweden. Parts of Finland. This is Madness!!!

Joanna🇪🇺🇵🇱❤️🇺🇦 (@JoaJuan2) tweeted at 9:03 AM on Mon, May 09, 2022:
❗️ This is how the Russians treat the dead Mariupolans.  Like garbage.  Mass graves keep growing.  – You are lucky.  There is a trace of them.  Others end up in a mobile crematorium.  The world cannot look away ❗️