When his son serving in the U.S. Navy dies in battle during World War II, Lew Marsh (Don Ameche) is convinced that his boy died too soon and was never able to really appreciate life. Bitter and depressed, Lew nearly gives up on ever being happy again, until he gets a visit from the ghost of his grandfather (Harry Carey). Together with the ghost, Lew travels back through his son’s life and sees that he did live a full and happy life, after all, and that his death in combat was not really a waste. A great fun Movie and worth the WATCH! Enjoy!

Initial release: November 10, 1943

Director: Irving Pichel

Starring: Don Ameche; Frances Dee; Harry Carey; Ann Rutherford

Distributed by: 20th Century Studios

UFOs from a doomed star system invade Earth with plans of world conquest. Surrender is not an option so the human race must fight to the bitter end. Special effects by Ray Harryhausen. A Great Movie about an Alien Lifeform here to takeover. Watch it. Enjoy!

Release date: July 1956 (USA)

Director: Fred F. Sears

Adapted from: Flying Saucers from Outer Space

Box office: $1,250,000 (US rentals)

Production company: Clover Productions

Distributed by: Columbia Pictures

Both of these Movies are fun to watch. The 1st might even help you if you Lost someone to Covid. Losing a Loved One is not something a person easily deals with. I know. I’ve lost a lot.

But the Idea of Aliens coming to Earth is something that all of us have thought about. And will they come Here? Maybe…who knows?