Texas and her EXTREME Death Rate of Pregnant Women…Will U B 1?

Dang. Can’t hide away this Issue as it were going to be a PJ fine day. Nope! And it’s so gosh darn sad that this Death of Pregnant Women hasn’t been a Major Issue in Austin, Texas where Politicians are supposed to be Protecting all of us Texans. Well, it’s not happening. I sure don’t remember reading or seeing or hearing a thing about putting up Legislation to change the Course of all these Deaths of our Pregnant Women in Texas.

Isn’t this some sort of Criminality of some sort? Allowing these Death Numbers to continue rising and nothing be done is very upsetting and very disappointing. But who is causing all of this? Is it a person or persons? Or is it What is causing all of this? Can we please get a handle on this?

We’re supposed to be living in a Modern Day and Time. We are supposed to be Safe in the Hospitals. We’re supposed to Not Die because we are pregnant. So, what gives? Please tell us All.

Severe Maternal Morbidity in Communities Across Texas


Reading about this isn’t going to fix it. Is it? But where you go into a Hospital to have your Baby may totally add to your possible Death. And is that right? I don’t believe it should be that way. But looks like it is when you look at the Numbers.

A significant Death may sway you if you choose the wrong PLACE to have the Delivery of your Baby. I remember a man working with me who had got blamed for providing the wrong Lab Results for a woman’s Pregnancy and the Doctor used his Results and a Blood Clotting Medication was administered to her after the Baby’s Birth and that Shit added to her IV BAG killed her in minutes! He said he gave the Right Numbers and that the Doctor Misread the Results. But neither got into serious Trouble like a fine or jail time and he was just terminated and the Doctor I guess kept on Killing his Patients.

That’s the way things work, isn’t it?


And why is it that women of Color die the MOST? Are they automatically treated as a less than human person when they go into the Hospital? I remember when I worked at the EMERGENCY Room in Huntsville, Texas. I was just an Admissions Clerk. And this Black woman came into the ER and had her Baby in the ER. BUT THEN! The Doctor Ordered a Drug to Knock the woman out after he delivered her Baby. He then TIED HER TUBES! Without even asking her. And when she came to and the Head ER Nurse told her what the Doctor had done, The woman became Hysterical Yelling and Screaming and Crying. She then picked up her Baby and her and her Baby left the ER. And her in her Hospital Gown with the back end completely revealing her naked backside. Was this Right? HELL No it wasn’t Right. A Doctor had decided on his own that this woman wasn’t having any more Kids. He had taken matters into his own hands. And he done her Wrong.

And nothing ever happened to the Doctor. He got away with it. And he did stuff like that. But she Black and I guess that made it alright in his mind. How about yours? Unless you work in places like that, you’d never see or know what took place. Some folks think that they are right up there with God in their Actions. Makes no sense when none of us are here for a long period of time. Our Lives are Short.

Texas still has one of the most concerning maternal mortality rates in the U.S., particularly among black mothers, who die during childbirth at twice the rate white mothers do. Special Correspondent Kirsty Johansen reports.

  • Rep. Shawn Thierry: She would always say, I remember when I was a little girl, “Well, when a woman has a baby, that’s the closest she’s ever gonna get to death.” But that was true back in the—as they say, the old days. Women died in childbirth. And so I find it just boggling that in 2019, we’re still having this conversation.

And why hasn’t the Problem been Solved? Will it take a GEORGE FLOYD SIMILAR EVENT to get the Real Attention on this Issue to get it FIXED?


‘It’s easy to dismiss Black women’s lives’: Texas drags feet on maternal mortality crisis

That Storyline Title I find Shocking! My wonderful daughter in law is Black. And I am a Advocate for Equal Rights for EVERYONE!


In 2020, the maternal mortality rate for non-Hispanic Black women was 55.3 deaths per 100,000 live births, 2.9 times the rate for non-Hispanic White women (19.1) (Figure 1 and Table). Rates for non-Hispanic Black women were significantly higher than rates for non-Hispanic White and Hispanic women. The increases from 2019 to 2020 for non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic women were significant. The observed increase from 2019 to 2020 for non-Hispanic White women was not significant.

Rates increased with maternal age. Rates in 2020 were 13.8 deaths per 100,000 live births for women under age 25, 22.8 for those aged 25–39, and 107.9 for those aged 40 and over (Figure 2 and Table). The rate for women aged 40 and over was 7.8 times higher than the rate for women under age 25. Differences in the rates between age groups were statistically significant. Among age groups, the increase in the rates between 2019 and 2020 for women aged 25–39 and 40 and over were statistically significant.


Overall, IT’S GOTTEN WORSE! Over the Years, it’s not getting Better. It has gotten and keeps getting worse. But why? Exactly why?

Nobody wants to accept Responsibility! No one wants to take a Doctor or Nurse or the Lab or Drug Manufacturer or Lab Technician to Court no matter which one might have caused the Death of the Pregnant Woman. The Stories are lying within the Walls of the Hospital. The Truth is there! But can’t nobody pull it out of living mouths filled with teeth?

Nope. Not going to Happen. Anytime the Doctor comes under Attack, all the Others rally the wagons around that Doctor to Protect them. And whatever the mistake was that caused the Death of a woman during Child Birth rarely leaves the Hospital.

And now, more and more women are asking the same Question-Will I die during Childbirth? And suddenly, Death Anxiety hits a New High before the woman ever goes into the Hospital. Worry Time like never before. Will I die during Childbirth? Well, will you?

So, can I Advise you? No, not really. We had three kids and lost another one. But I do know my wife went to a Baby Doctor just as soon as she found out she was Pregnant. And she Ate And Took Prenatal Vitamins as the Doctor told her. She even was told she had to Stop Working and go home and go straight to Bed with our Second Child. And that was for the last month of that pregnancy. The First one didn’t make it. And until now writing about this, I hadn’t thought about that for a long time. It does bring about lots to Questions of WHY? WHY did that Baby Die?

Some things we don’t get the Answers for. My cousin Lost Seven in Pregnancies until they found out why. And they fixed it with Surgery.

But merely saying that Black Women can’t afford Insurance and that is why the Problem exists is a COPOUT Answer. A White Mans Statement. A Politician Statement. But putting out such statements only means that they aren’t going to FIX IT! They stuck it in their mouths and chewed on it a while and then spit it out like a wad of tobacco.

So, nothing gets fixed. I remember waiting in the Delivery Room for the Fathers out in San Diego California while waiting for word on my youngest daughter’s having a baby. Then a Nurse walked in and told a young U.S. Marine back from Iraq that his son had Died during the birth of his Baby. And I too became very sad hearing that. It was sad. And I watched the grief Stricken Soldier breakdown as if the Hand of God had reached out and maybe He was punishing him for whatever he might have done in Iraq. You know, you go through lots of weird thoughts when you are forced to deal with Grief. Real Grief.

And dying while having a Baby is about the Biggest Grief you and your family will ever hear. You Dead and your Family Suffering.

So, how do we learn the Truth? Maybe 60-Minutes might be able to find out some of it. But not all of the WHYs. Never gonna hear all of them. Let’s get real. Ain’t that the way it’s always been?

If I was a woman, I don’t think I’d Ever want to get Pregnant. Seems Death and dying from getting Pregnant may hold a Death Sentence for a woman. Especially here in Texas. Now, that’s pretty upsetting to me. How about you?

Texas and her EXTREME Death Rate of Pregnant Women…Will U B 1? I pray not!