Putin may not be the Man you might think he is…

Images present all of us a visual reference of what someone wishes to convey to the Viewer. You know. How they want us to see them. And at times, with the help of a good group of Image Choreographers, you can deceit anyone. And Shouting and Clinching your fist like you got a turd up your Ass like it was pure cement screaming to get out. Shouting and Screaming and Clinched Fists and Yelling at Rally Crowds are the Elixir of the Gods for pumping a Crowd into a pure adrenaline Rush. An Adrenaline Rush like you have never seen.

And with great fanfare and a Strong Control on your Media, you can kill Anyone and still walk away like you were walking on Rose Pedals. But who is the Real You?

On two different Occasions, a young KGB Agent refused to follow them on a Death Order that brought him under serious Review. And in these two and another Six other Different Times, this Agent was put up for Dismissals and even a 60 day Prison Sentence Twice. And somehow, he had the Right Person always there to keep him in the KGB. Kept him out of trouble. But who was it? Many Scholars have researched this extensively on who or whom this one or several individuals were that Saved a young Vladimir Putin. Do we know? No, we don’t.

If you watch MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL You’ll find where Putin got his Nuclear War Idea and Nuclear War Idea as if it will solve the World’s Problems by…Just Watch and you will see…but do you really know the True Putin?

MFA of Ukraine 🇺🇦 (@MFA_Ukraine) tweeted at 2:35 AM on Sun, May 08, 2022:
We will overcome everything. We know this for sure, because our military and all our people are descendants of those who overcame Nazism. So we will win again. And there will be peace again. Finally again! https://t.co/Fn4zs4IU0Q