STATE’S TRIGGER LAWS on Abortion makes it Obvious the Supreme Court JUSTICES are COMPROMISED!

It goes beyond suspicion now. A real Conspiracy is taking place when the Supreme Court devours Roe vs Wade and the Trigger Laws Go into Effect. What a well planned backdoor Trap. Well played. Very well played. But when did it begin? Yes, when?

Things Today aren’t as they seem just like the Above Drawing. Can you find the two monkeys having Sex?

It all goes back to when Mitch McConnell BLOCKED Barrack Obama’s Supreme Court Justice Nomination and it’s now spiraling out of Control. Has the United States Supreme Court now become the Weakest link in our Bureaucracy? Making Judgements to appease a Political Party compromises the very nature of the Highest Court.

Next, the States will dissolve the Union? Possibilities? Or Fiction?

And now. Do we need the Supreme Court Today when it’s obvious that they may have been compromised? Is it time to reconsider every thing. Just How far are you willing to go? What if it comes out that THE GRAND CONSPIRACY did take place. It would explain the Lies the Supreme Court Candidates spoke under Oath. Yet, they had been compromised? And the greatest Divisions in American History could be Unleashed.

And like the USSR, America very possibly could dissolve. But how? By Party? By Race? By Wealth? By Age? By Sex?

And what influence would Nations around the World play? Mexico has been eyeing Texas since 1836. And she wants her back. And Canada wants the Middle Border States with her. But if the States split, suddenly the People aren’t going to be wanting to Listen to the Billionaires’s Puppets.

And the Frigging Divisions will multiply like a Madhouse. Suddenly, the World will see America exposed like never before. Exposed by GREED! Yes, greed. Greed has caused most of the problems in America. Pure and Simple GREED!


And now, over a million Women may be in Washington on May 17. Why? It isn’t all about abortion. Us it? It goes into stripping 🇺🇸 of any Common Sense Right that all of us have that they decide isn’t coveted by the Constitution.

So, get ready for a Busy Summer of Riots!