The Worst Presidency DESTROYER is the MEDIA!

Doesn’t matter which Party you may claim to be aligned with, the MEDIA will attempt to KILL your Presidency in the Four Years you are in Office. It’s incredible. It’s abhorrent! And most likely the Reason Trump Didn’t WIN a 2nd Term. And Why Hillary Clinton LOST!

It’s all about the DESTROYER MEDIA!

Trump and Nine other Presidents had Fits with the Media!

“Nixon was actually the first to set up a White House communications office that would stage events especially for television, with hand-picked audiences of people who would be favourable to what he was saying,” says Marshall.

He was a hypersensitive, paranoid, brooding figure who felt that he had been cheated out of the election when he lost to John Kennedy eight years earlier,” Feldstein says.

“When he finally did get the White House he was determined to exact revenge on his enemies, the top of which was the press.”

“He put reporters individually on an enemies list, had their tax returns audited.

“At one point his staff even plotted to assassinate his most vexing investigative reporter and critic. That was called off, but that’s how bad it got.”

Speaking with Republican donors Saturday night, former President Donald Trump spitballed a wildly dangerous idea to send American F-22 fighter jets painted with the Chinese flag to bomb Russia.

Trump proposed the United States “bomb the shit out of Russia” with disguised planes, as if that would somehow fool Russian President Vladimir Putin into thinking that the CPP had attacked his country.

But while in Office, He wanted to Bomb? Missile Attack MEXICO!

Former President Donald Trump hinted he would threaten to nuke Vladimir Putin if the Russian leader mentioned nuclear weapons and said ‘a lot of people are going to be very happy’ when he announces his decision on whether to run for office again. 

And a lot of People are going to be scared as Hell if he gets back in Office because he wanted to Nuke before.

But at times, let’s face it, the MEDIA goes too far. But some people go far out of the way to say stuff just to please the Donors. And put their feet in their mouths.

But WE, THE PUBLIC must decipher some Statements as if Hidden Messages were placed in them just for us. It’s maddening. It’s crazy. It’s sad. But its the Way it is and nothing is going to change that.

Just like Trump got Hammered by the Media, so is President Biden attacking him on the same things.

  1. Cost of Living. This isn’t New Either. But Blaming Biden instead on the real sources is poor judgements. The Pandemic. Higher Fuel Costs. Amazon. And others. Other Countries are competing for the same Vegetables. It’s a World Market.
  2. People living paycheck to paycheck. This ain’t nothing NEW.
  3. Blaming is the Game…