Russia wants to Play a Game of Nuclear War and Can’t find any Players. How sad!

Russia Ambassador to U.S. Says NATO Not Taking Nuclear War Threat Seriously Oh, so Russia wants to play a Game of Nuclear football Or Nuclear War and can’t find any players?

Looks like Russia is gonna have to Play it all alone. Obviously, they truly don’t understand what a Nuclear War means. With a Nuclear Warhead already Targeting every Metropolis with 100,000 or more people and that Warhead is 1000 times more Powerful than either Bomb deployed upon Japan in WW-II and Also Targeting any City with a University or an Industry or A Military Base or Government Infrastructure. And not just missiles, but Bombers and Submarines.

The End Game is NOT TO PLAY! Years of The Sun being BLOCKED by Black Smoke! Does that Sound good to you?

Can anyone be so Mad to actually USE their Arsenal of Nukes? For Years, there would be little crops grown. Little Sunlight! And 400 Million minimum Killed immediately. And for what? Because the World would not accept a Return to the romantic Days of the COSSACK riding high on his Steed while brandishing his Sword of Nuclear Weapons?

The World isn’t listening because THEY DON’T CARE TO PLAY.

All Russian Treaties and promises are now to be considered Null and Void because They want to Play a Game of Nuclear War. Is your Country that Stupid to Play? You want to play a Game of Nuclear War with Russia? R U INSANE?

Russia can’t get any Takers. But they keep moving that finger closer to the Nuclear Button. How sad.