GOP always attacks the Weak! Gays, Blacks, and now Women…

You think you know a Party and their Master plan. But do you? No, not unless you are in the SECRET ZOOM MEETINGS of the Billionaires. They dictate every damn thing that takes place in 🇺🇸! Not you, me or any of 🇺🇸 unless your are one of the ones with a staff of over 44 people waiting on your every need. They Control all of it and all of 🇺🇸 thinks they get to decide stuff. WRONG!

They toss people off their Luxury Yachts at Sea without a second thought. They all view themselves ABOVE THE LAW. And They are. Money buys past their past transgressions in 99% of everything. They are the 🇺🇸 you’ll never see or know.

The GOP represents Old Money. The well-established from past Generations. And it doesn’t matter what you Or I think, they Rule the Roost. They do as they please at every turn.

And now, they are going to Rip the Balls off the Women in 🇺🇸 to remind them that their purpose is to Stay Home and Stay Pregnant. You will lose your Right to Abortion.

Next will be the Gay Community. And the GOP will Rip the Balls off all Men and Women next. First is your Sex Habits of being in bed together against the Bible. And they gonna make you Stop it. And they are Gonna Butt Plug your Marriages.

Next, the GOP is going to Rip the Balls off all you Gals and Guys in a Black-White Marriage. But I guess the Hispanic-White Marriage is Okay? Why? You are NOT the Weakest Link as the GOP usually goes after them.

And the GOP has successfully Attacked Blacks at every corner since Slavery Ended. Makes No Sense, End Slavery but do little to extend the Hand of Equality. If you Hate Blacks so much, why weren’t all Blacks shipped back to the Country they came from? Why? Money could still be made off Blacks. That’s it, isn’t it?

America has got a lot of Issues based on many factors. But Common Sense is NOT being used No More here in America. It’s the I want to own everything right NOW! And that just doesn’t work.

If you’re hurting cause of this Abortion Thing, Pray. Prayer is a good thing to do. Pray you don’t get mad or lose your mind. We are only human and we all gonna Die. I’m sure I won’t be going to where Billionaires go when they die. Will you?

Pray for an End to the War in Ukraine! They are the ones really suffering…