“The leaked draft decision overturning Roe (vs Wade) has confirmed everything we knew about this (Supreme) Court’s intentions and it is giving us an opportunity to show them how ungovernable we will be if they follow through.”

A wonderful Statement of Upcoming Civil Unrest if I ever read one.

62% of Americans want the Roe vs Wade to remain the same. As is… So why are these Supreme Court Justices that said one thing in their Candidacy Hearings for the Court and now about to Lie to the American People and go against what they Told America. Liars!. America is growing very Angry over this one brothers and sisters. And only 5 people are going to change everything? 30% of Americans aren’t even aware of the New Restrictions in place now. But they’ll know after the Abortion Riots!

Some of the medical reasons for having an abortion include:

  • Severe pregnancy complications are making it impossible for you to continue with the pregnancy
  • Failed contraception
  • You need a treatment such as chemotherapy or medication that you can’t have while you’re pregnant
  • The pregnancy is putting your health or life at risk
  • Giving birth would put your health or life at risk
  • You are at high risk of a miscarriage or stillbirth, so it is safer for you to have an abortion
  • A serious or fatal foetal abnormality was found during your antenatal tests
  • The pregnancy isn’t viable, for example if you have an ectopic pregnancy


“The leaked (Supreme Court) draft decision overturning Roe (vs Wade) has confirmed everything we knew about this court’s intentions and it is giving us an opportunity to show them how ungovernable we will be if they follow through.”

Women have No Rights. The Religious Right and Political Right and the White Mans Right will take away all Rights of all People here in America. Without Question!


It’s just one more step moving America closer to an Autocratic Governance upon the Peoples. And what RIGHT is NEXT? If they don’t like it or don’t think we should have it, then they’ll take it away from all of 🇺🇸. After all, you got your Dope to smoke and you won’t fight no more being all doped up. You’ll cry and whim, but you’ll only Bitch and they’ll take another Right away. What’s Next?

A Woman’s Right to Contraception!

Could BAN The PILL!





It’s Your Body, Women, What do you THINK? What if they decide NEXT to Hold every Woman in 🇺🇸 Accountable for a PAST ABORTION with a FINE of $10,000? Don’t say No Way, because they’ll find a Way.


Next, read How many take place per year-


Apple, Amazon among Texas companies that promise to help employees get abortions https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/tomlinson/article/Apple-Amazon-among-Texas-companies-that-promise-17144880.php 

As a small child sitting on the floor in my grandmother’s home. I remember a woman come to her asking where she could get an Abortion. I remember hearing her tell the woman where to go. The next day, The woman giving the Abortion visited my grandmother and told her how the woman seeking the Abortion had bled to death. I remember her saying how she had used a clean metal clothes hanger but it had gotten all hung up and she had to yank it out. And she bled to Death. And they both weeped for a long time. And I did too but I didn’t know the Whole why behind their Crying at that time. I was too little and I cried because my grandmother was crying…poor people forced to resort to poor people knowledge.