is mounting and more and more Techies are now massing their energies toward a Single Summit in Switzerland on September 27, 2022. The Summit is to discuss the very real beliefs that


But what all the Techies are now researching is Not that Politicians Aren’t Real-this is accredited Fact, but who is behind the Controlling of all of them? The most popular are these-

  1. A.I.-Artificial Intelligence is behind the Control of the Politicians.
  2. By Brain Implants or Synthetic Matter and highly advanced. Orbotic Controls.

The Techies all agree that Mark Zuckerberg is Not Real, but a Completely fully Operational A.I. Synthetic Micro Organic Matter imposing as a Human.

Ted Cruz is another Fully Operational Texas Senator that does not need food or drink as he too is Fully Advanced Orbotics. But his Orbotic Body cannot Stand Cold Weather as his Organic Skin would Die or Crackle-The Reason why he went to Cancun Mexico to avoid the February Freeze of 2021. His Orbotic Body receives nourishment from bathing in Elk Antler Blood.

Other Politicians have Lost their Ability to Act on their Own Volition because of Advanced Orbitic Implants into their Brains. Many of these Politicians receive these Implants in Florida at Mar-a-Logo. And 99% of these Politicians have no clue that they have been Compromised.

But mountains and mountains of Data will be revealed on September 27, 2022. This will be the most revealing Natural Disaster ever created by man’s hands. How could we get to this point so Quickly? Movies like THE TERMINATOR warned us, but once again, Man saw a possibility and ran to prove its actually doable.

The Orbotics will Report to their RNC and DNC for all of their Orders. Marjorie Greene Taylor’s Orbotic Body has had to be brought back under Special Control because she has reached beyond her design parameters.

And she, like all the Rest are taught that every Green Back of American Money is nothing more than Computer Bytes to be used as Free Spending on all Whims.

But when she announces her Plans to Run For President, the RNC will know that they have been successful in creating the Ultimate Cyber Weapon. An amazing New Creature capable of taking massive detailed Controls to minimize Crowd Displeasure.

Mitch McConnell is another Top Tier production model. And so is Nancy Pelosi. But their Best Award Winning Model is Donald Trump. They doubt they will ever be able to duplicate such a Masterpiece.

They have a few Bad Products such as Putin who is a Malfunctioning Model. 😉👀

So Quit Listening to their B.S. 💩👀