Russian Soldier Rapes 97-year Old Disabled Woman while Squad Watched and Laughed

Barely able to talk, the Elderly woman cried and whimpered as she told of her Raping. She spoke of indeed…a Russian Soldier as being built like a small chimney Raped her viciously and she said he said he was doing this to Rape the Nazi out of her. He said he was following Putin’s Orders to unleash terrible grief to all of the Ukraine Nazi. And that she had been a Nazi the longest teaching generations the Nazi Way. Her Raping was Overdue. The Russian Soldier laughed as he yanked a Star of David necklace from around her neck and then stuck it into the old woman’s vagina. He then brutally Raped her. And a surgeon later stitching her vaginal tears found the Necklace. He cleaned it and gave it to her and she smiled. Then a few days later, she died.

Rape the Nazi Out of Her!

Putin’s Order!

Her picture is too disgusting to show. What a terrible thing. A most horrible thing indeed… How can anyone commit such an atrocity? Sick minds. Sick minded Soldiers. Sickening war crimes of theft, robberies, and Rapes. These Russian Soldiers are completely Out of Control and they say They are Following Putin’s Orders…