Mr. Anti-Social Security Claims it’s Unconstitutional! And he could Wipe it Out Completely!

Seniors! Yes, Seniors, get ready to LOSE all of your Social Security Benefits in 2024 if the GOP retakes the U.S. Senate! What? Why? Who? What’s going on now? Truth or Fiction? Unfortunately, Fact! Now, little gifts are sometimes tucked away in an Article and one just Opened the Door on a Secret GOP PLAN about Covid that slipped in a bit much more. But you already knew that, didn’t you? I didn’t Know it.

First, it’s an Article about seeking the Origin of Covid which China will never cooperate in. WHO Scientists proved that already.

But here’s that Article just out in 2022

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the state’s senior senator, also pointed to Paul’s opportunity to lead a committee if the GOP wins Senate control. If that occurs, he said Paul would become chairman of “one of the most important committees in the Senate, in charge of health, education, labor and pensions.”

Lets backup a few years to 2015-

Rand Paul: I’m No Wimp, I’ll Cut The Social Security Benefits Seniors Need

Lets move to another year-2012

Sen. Rand Paul says entitlements should be cut, no raising taxes

Now, it’s 2011

Ron Paul Calls Social Security and Medicare Unconstitutional, Compares Them to ‘Slavery’

Now, let’s look at 2021-

“Rand Paul, the Tea Party leader running against me for Senate in Kentucky, thinks Social Security is unconstitutional”

Well, talk about a Hurricane coming in The Future. Killing Social Security is like two massive Steam Engines barreling down towards each other at 100 mph with a million people in the cars behind each engine. Lots of millions.

McConnell is set to Put Rand in Charge of a Powerful Committee that very well could Kill Social Security no matter How Much you’ve Already Paid into it. And it could take place as early as 2024.

Then Old Farts! Elderly! What ya gonna do? Cry! Eat Spam. Go homeless! Die without your Elderly Meds? And I ain’t mad at ya. I’m one of YOU!

The man is Hell-Bent on destroying Social Security! And His Stare would Suffer. But who Cares with these Millionaire Politicians? They sure don’t!

It’s Okay. I saw the same thing in South Korea. ? I saw these Old, very Old Koreans in ALL WHITE Clothes. And I ASKED about them.

They Old People. We suppose to take care of them when they get that Old. But Younger Koreans don’t want to do that anymore. They not understand they War Veterans. Fought for Our Freedom from USSR communist Takeover. I help much times. But I see them sad and they aren’t getting taken care of much TODAY.

And that was 1973

But killing Social Security has been in the gum-up the works for a very long time.