Physical Evidence and the Battle of the Little Bighorn: The Question of Interpretation-White Man or Red Man?

My Great-grandmother was Indian with her Indian Reservation Card. My Grandfather was Called-HALFBREED. I won’t add or subtract to this at all.. You too may have been taunted with name calling.

My Halfbreed Grandfather in WW-II U.S. Army
Halfbreed’s Grandson in U.S. Army

Names never hurt me. They should not be allowed to Hurt You! And finding a good notch in this Big Cycle of Life is what each of us seek. And all we can do is try our Best. But don’t overlook the Next Big Cycle in Life-the Afterlife.

But all Americans must look beyond what all of 🇺🇸 was taught in School. Because it is always the White Man Version of American History and not necessarily the correct Truths or Truths at all. And seek to learn more. Seek the Real Truth. Read the versions of both sides. Seek the Best Evidence from Narratives from actual participants from a particular time period and in The actual event.

The Library of Congress Book of a Soldiers Tale of being with Custer tells mostly truth and seeks not to tell the Tales of Imposters claiming to have fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn. Liars and Imposters surrounds all of us everywhere in America. And finding truth is difficult at times.

But seek and you shall find. But others maybe too brainwashed to hear what you find. Don’t push what you find to those unwilling to listen. It’s fruitless.

Everyone is caught up in their Own Truths and needs…

Budweiser produced Pics for Bars all across America. And I bet you never saw a wooden Indian Standing advertising Cigars either did you? They were everywhere when I was a kid.


White Man has his Interpretation-Custer’s Last Stand

Battle of Greasy Grass

American Native American has His Interpretation-Battle of Greasy Grass

For the American Indian Story-

Another read is-

Open and Read. It’s not bugged! Or with a Virus.

Today, all of us are coming off a terrible time of dealing with the Pandemic. Just this week I added two more friends to Covid’s Death List. And it sucks. My list is at Six Now. And that stinks. It hurts. Yours hurts too. And yours may be longer than mine.

And now. All of us are seeing a Real War unfold right before our Eyes. And all of the World is suffering the consequences. I hope you have plenty to eat this year. I truly do.

But for a change, re-Explore History with a new Headedness. A new Eagerness. And unravel the Histories that really are interesting to you and maybe Who you are…and chill out. Just Chill!

Above is several hours to explore. The Book at the Library of Congress is nice to read. And the other Article is too. It’s hours of entertainment FREE FOR YOU TO READ without asking you to Subscribe to my Blog. It’ll always be Free as I know what being poor means.

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