How was the “Trump Cult” Created? R U a Member by Choice?

Promises of Piles of Election Fraud was PROMISED! Promised over and over and over again of Mountains of Evidence of Election Fraud.

But it NEVER came. And millions are still saying the Election was WON by Fraud. And no matter what anyone says, they will never believe any Proof of Real Evidence of No Voter Fraud or barely any ever done by stupid people trying to Vote twice. 87% of Voter Fraud that was found done was found to be done by a Republican Supporter.

A Video of a Trump Cult Believer who says he became Brainwashed into believing in the Trump Cult.

Republicans are planning to steal the 2024 presidential election a conservative judge has warned. Harvard constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe joins Joy Reid on what he says, “is being bandied about as the technique that they hope to use if they get Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Alito and Thomas on board… to take the next election regardless of who wins.” REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS!

I honestly do not want Trump in the White House if the War in Ukraine is still going on. Think about it seriously. Do you? Would You? After he considered using Nuclear Weapons on China in 2020 before he left Office. Now what a Trap he’d left Biden with if he had done that? But I don’t want a man entrenched in Showmanship to lead any American War Effort. But I don’t want him back in Office because I don’t think he can rationalize his own abnormal behaviors of constant Lying. Constant Lying is abnormal to me. Not something I am willing to accept. Anything he says you can’t Take to the Bank, but he’ll sure Take all Our Monies to the Bank and Punish the Middle Class with more Taxes and Tax Free America for Russian Oligarchs.

But a CULT is exactly the Best Description of the way people are blindly following Trump and believe all he says and won’t believe even proof that they visually witness.

The term “cult” gets thrown around a lot to describe the intense passion of Donald Trump’s followers—but is it accurate? For Steven Hassan, a former Moonie turned cult expert and author of The Cult of Trump, the answer is decidedly yes. Trump, he holds, has all the characteristics of a cult leader, and his followers the qualities of a cult, from the all-consuming devotion to a single malignant narcissist to the daily consumption of “alternative facts” to immunize them against cognitive dissonance (a.k.a. reality). 

But folks still won’t Listen.



The Warning Signs of a Dangerous Cult Can Sneak Up on You

An expert explains how to spot the red flags. READ the above Article if you think you are Hooked and you want out of the CULT that has its tentacles deep in you.

But can YOU break your Bonds? Your Shackles? I hope so because there are many things that are happening that should never be Happening. And it has to END.