Governor Abbott’s Most Heroic Act of Busing the Migrants Free of Charge!

Governor Greg Abbot needs full Applauds for his most Kind, Wonderful, and incredible Caring Humanitarian Act of Busing Immigrants to Washington, D.C. I can think of no other kinder gesture of Goodwill towards these Immigrants than sending them to Our Nation’s Capital to show them our Great Appreciation of their hard-fought Journey to Come here and show them Our Glorious Past in person. This Act of Busing them FREE of Charge is an Inspiration to us all.  

And it should be implemented to use Free BUS Rides for these Immigrants to all Major Cities to all States and relieve Texas of any lingering Border Detainment Issues.

“They get here, We Bus them Onward.”  To wherever they want to Go! Right?

As quick as possible.

And Governor Abbott’s Busing Actions is now making him the Personal HERO of the Migrant. 

Outstanding, Sir. Way to go!