Russia’s Acts of War Against Poland and Bulgaria! Just the beginning…

Russia is now committing actual Actual Acts of War Against Poland and Bulgaria? Yep! Damn sure is…and this won’t be the Last. Nope, there’s going to be lots more until Putin gets Europe in A,Military Conflict so he can use A,Nuclear Weapon. And He’ll say he had no choice to the Russian PEOPLE.


By cutting off the Natural Gas Supply to them. Cut off Oil and Gas to the rest of Europe. It’s coming…

These Acts are Acts of War Against Non-Combatants. Against Countries not directly Involved in the War in Ukraine. Russia wants an Excuse to Attack both of these Countries.

Russia is foaming at the mouth wanting to USE a Nuclear Weapon on them. At least, Putin is. But strangely, I have to ASK-WHY? But Putin at some point must begin to realize or be TOLD-these Countries Left Russian Control because of you And your Actions of Total Control on your Citizens. They despise Russian Control. But does Russia plan War on them. You bet he does. But he Plans using the Dreaded Nuclear Bomb.

Why? Because they joined NATO. Left Russia. And he’s trying desperately to begin a Full WW-III. And he expects China to join his Side. But what Happens when China decides not to. The World needs to keep Russian Aggression confined to This Ukrisian Invasion and not allow it to cascade to other Countries like Finland and Sweden. Or Poland or Bulgaria. Or Moldova.

Bulgaria, one of Moscow’s closest allies during the Cold War era, joined NATO in 2004.

Member statePoland
Accession12 March 1999

Putin considers both Russian Countries belonging to Russia and Russia will be Undeterred until they are back under Moscow’s Control.

Crazy? Well, Russia once again spoke Saber-Rattling Use of Nuclear Weapons against Countries engaged in a PROXY WAR against Russia. Who? Any NATO and Non-Nato Country that has given Ukraine any weapon that could Kill a Russian Soldier, Sailor, Airmen is Now AT-RISK of a,Nuclear Weapon being Delivered to their Capital via ICBM Missile. Each carries about 7-10 Warheads.

And I don’t care what anyone says, We are in WW-III right now. We are. And Russia has made it clear that Moldova is the Next Country that Russia is after. Also. Poland and Bulgaria.


Country in Europe


Moldova, an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic, has varied terrain including forests, rocky hills and vineyards. Its wine regions include Nistreana, known for reds, and Codru, home to some of the world’s largest cellars. Capital Chișinău has Soviet-style architecture and the National Museum of History, exhibiting art and ethnographic collections that reflect cultural links with neighboring Romania. 

And Moldova, Russia says YOU ARE NEXT! Get Ready!

Putin believes he is the Great Rebuilder of the USSR. But, he’s not.

He’s a Warmonger!