SIR! NO SIR! An Anti-War Documentary on the Vietnam War on NETFLIX

This Movie will Open some people’s Eyes and Open Wounds in Others. The Vietnam War was a Clusterfuk of Wrong Doings and Lies. Lots and Lots of Lies. And Spending more than a Texas Cowboy Hat full of Money. It, like the Gulf War, has COST America $Trillions. And other than President Nixon, there is NI ACCOUNTABILITY of Politicians at all. Even Ads show One Congressman pouring Cow Manure into a Mailbox. But who Cares? And America is closer than EVER to flip to a Populist Nationalist Government where the Vote of the Voters can be Changed if they don’t like who won the Election.

I was shocked at some of the Stuff I saw in this Documentary. But We got out of Vietnam and were we ever supposed to be there? Really?

The Nixon campaign’s sabotage of Johnson’s peace process was successful. Nine days later, Thieu’s decision to boycott the talks headlined The New York Times and other U.S. newspapers, reminding American voters of their long-harbored mistrust of the wheeler-dealer LBJ and his “credibility gap” on Vietnam. Humphrey’s momentum faded.

LBJ was furious. His national security adviser, Walt Rostow, urged him to unmask Nixon’s treachery. Humphrey’s aides told their boss to expose the episode and disgrace their Republican foes. But Johnson and Humphrey balked. They didn’t have proof that Nixon had personally directed her actions.

And so Nixon won the 1968 election, and led America further into carnage in Southeast Asia.

Sir No Sir! 

-tells for the first time on film the story of the 1960s GI movement against the war in Vietnam. The film explores the profound impact that the movement had on the war, and investigates the way in which the GI Movement has been erased from public memory.

In the 1960s an anti-war movement emerged that altered the course of history. This movement didn’t take place on college campuses, but in barracks and on aircraft carriers. It flourished in army stockades, navy brigs and in the dingy towns that surround military bases. It penetrated elite military colleges like West Point. And it spread throughout the battlefields of Vietnam. It was a movement no one expected, least of all those in it. Hundreds went to prison and thousands into exile.[3] And by 1971 it had, in the words of one colonel, infested the entire armed services. Yet today few people know about the GI Movement against the war in Vietnam.[4]

The review in the Boston Globe notes,

A Navy nurse was arrested after she flew a plane over military bases in San Francisco that dropped antiwar leaflets, two black soldiers were given eight to 10 years for attempting to organize a discussion group that asked whether black soldiers should be participating in the war, and hundreds of other soldiers were jailed for any number of reasons. Decades later, the veterans Zeiger talks to still seem completely astonished, shell-shocked as it were, by both the confusing scope of the war itself and by their ability to resist it.[5]!_No_Sir!

Sir! No Sir! is a 2005 documentary by Displaced Films about the anti-war movement within the ranks of the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War.[1] The film was produced, directed, and written by David Zeiger. The film had a theatrical run in 80 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2006, and was broadcast worldwide on: Sundance ChannelDiscovery ChannelBBCARTE FranceABC Australia, SBC Spain, ZDF Germany, YLE Finland, RT, and several others.[2]

Sir! No Sir!
Promotional movie poster for the film
Directed byDavid Zeiger
Written byDavid Zeiger
Produced byEvangeline Griego
Aaron Zarrow
David Zeiger
StarringDonald Sutherland
Jane Fonda
Greg Payton
David Cline
Keith Mather
Dr. Howard Levy
Susan Schnall
Terry Whitmore
Narrated byTroy Garity
CinematographyMay Rigler
David Zeiger
Edited byLindsay Mofford
May Rigler
Music byBuddy Judge
Distributed byBalcony Releasing
Release dateJune 19, 2005 (Los Angeles Film Festival)
Running time85 minutes
CountryUnited States