If Putin continues to Press the World into WWW-III, Russia will be the Biggest Loser!

If Putin continues to Press the World into WWW-III, Russia will be the Biggest Loser!

Putin’s Idea of Gorgeous Victory in Ukraine. This is his View. A Wrong View. Do you Agree?

And make no mistake, at the End of WW-III, Putin will be Hanged. And I’m not making this Up! His continuing Rhetoric of Threatening the World with A Nuclear Attack has now left a very foul taste in all of our mouths.

His Words might work on Controlled Media Minions, but NOT the Free World. We can see and read and Listen and most of all, We can Think

But Russia has now started Rhetoric on Wanting all of the South of Russia. Which would make future War Campaigns mucky and much easier launching Wars into other Regions. And why I am now saying-Putin has a real chance now to reel it all back in. Because when NATO crossing into Ukraine is when it will be too late. At that point, NATO will not accept anything except Putin being handed Over and put on TRIAL for War Crimes.

He’s just as STUPID as Saddam Hussein who too had the Opportunity to get his Act together and accept EXILE in another Country. But no, he hid in the ground like a Wild Animal. In a cavity under the Ground. And the man was Tried and Found Guilty and then HANGED. And his Head didn’t just pop off once, they sewed it back on and wanted to Hang him again so the Public would see the Hanging with Saddam keeping his Head attached to his Shoulders, And they hanged him a 2nd time but his Head Popped Off a second time. And his Eyeballs popped out of their Eye sockets. So, the put the eyes back in. For photos. Some placed his Head on a large Dinner Plate and took photos for Rich Buyers of those Photos. It is rumored that the 2nd Hanging that was filmed was bought for $22 Million Dollars by an unknown buyer who didn’t want his name identified.

So, did he Die TWICE? No, not hardly. He died the 1st time.

But on Tuesday, The U.N. Secretary General will be telling Putin that he would not be able to keep other Nations from Joining Ukraine and send in Troops and Planes and things. The World isn’t just going to sit back and Watch indefinitely. Many Nations and their Citizens are getting antsy to get in the Fight.

What Putin fails to recognize is that a whole lot of the World wants a piece of his flesh. Things he’s done in other Countries and in South America and South Africa. He’s not beloved like he thinks he is. He is mostly HATED! And that’s something he should have thought about before he INVADED Ukraine. He should have had a good PR Man doing a Like Putin CAMPAIGN. But he didn’t. No, Putin ran with his Thug Dictator Image. And it’s going to come back round and bite him in his ASS.

Russians are one day going to be awakened. But Hopefully it comes before Foreign Troops enter Russia and place the entire Country under Marshal Law. By 2024, he’ll have the worst Image outside Russia. But he looks good as he Shakes his Fists and Screams into the Microphone at his Rallies. And it is the same as Hitler did. It is…

But the World sat and watched Putin take Over Crimea in 2014. A mistake. But he runs a fantastic propaganda Machine on Interfering in the Politics of other Nations. But what is more concerning is How Afraid of Putin the Russian People are. They are. Putin’s INNER CIRCLE is scared to Death of Putin. If they mess up, it’s jail or execution. Or worse. Death by a Chemical on their Skin by the FSB. So they tell him what he wants to hear.


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Make no mistake. Everyday the War in Ukraine continues, the closer the World inches into WW-III.