“Going to Rebuild Our Military from the Youth Up!”

Someone in the Next Presidential Election is talking about, in a way, a watered down U.S. Military Draft. And it’s GOT some Teeth in it.

“Going to Rebuild Our Military from the Youth Up! Going to Make Our Army Great Again!”

And he’s modeling it after Russia’s Youth Military Campaign. And they have a Million Youth in theirs. He said We won’t be Outdone. Buy what’s the Deal? And if you’re a parent, are you going to let your child’s participation?. In a Youth Army? Sadly, might not have a Choice. I can see States Alone trying to do this first before it being Mandated Nationally.

Okay, were talking a once a month Youth Military Program under the guise of a Special Operation Training for Youth. No mention of Military Training at first. Then comes the rest.

This is what Opened my Eyes and reminded me of the Vietnam Draft when it gathered up more Blacks in it. And this one will too. It’ll really grab up a lot of the Poor.

16-18 Year Old EXEMPTIONS:

  1. If a single parent makes Over $200,000 a year, then Your Child doesn’t have to Attend. $400,000 together and then Your Child doesn’t have to Attend.
  2. If either parent owns a home and paying Taxes on a Valued Residence of over $400,000. Then Your Child doesn’t have to Attend.
  3. If your Child has a Medical Condition-then Your Child doesn’t have to Attend.
  4. If your Child attends a Private School, then Your Child doesn’t have to Attend.
  5. If your Child is LBGTQ, then they must Attend a Lifestyle Adjustment Training Session every Weekend. And continue until Age 30. (Isn’t this an Attempt to Put “Being Gay” back in the Closet again like it was in 1970s?)

18-25 Year Old EXEMPTIONS!

  1. If the Adult attends a College, then Your Child doesn’t have to Attend Special Operations Training.
  2. If your Child is not making Student Loan Payments and is over $10,000 in Not Paying a College Loan back, then that Adult must Enlist for a 5-Year Military Enlistment where the Loan Debt will be Removed after successful Completion of their 5 year Enlistment.
  3. Every Adult must Attend a Six Week Special Operation Training.
  4. No Gay People will be allowed in the Military. No one who is not Heterosexual.


  1. Train for four hours one day per month.
  2. All Youthful Adults will be taught how to take apart, clean, and put back together every handheld weapon the U.S. Military uses.
  3. Classes on National Pride will be held during these Sessions.
  4. Students will be taught How to March.
  5. Students will be taught How to accept Authority.
  6. Students unable to Attend Classes due to a Medical Deferment will be required to do Four Hours of Community Service in the City or County where they live each month. Even if this is Office Work. Or attending a Special Operations Approved Duty.

I don’t know about you, but Russia had a Space Force, so now we got one. Russia has a Youth Army and now We must too? WDuty.Whos going to do this? I hate Secret Talk behind Closed Doors that will be tried. And if you get your Party behind it, then here it comes at all of 🇺🇸.

These Discussions are just Frightful. They will ignite even more Divisions. Do we need this? Russia had a Space Force, so we did one too. But do we need a Youth Army just like Russia Has? Will that make America Great Again or pull us farther apart? Farther apart I think. It appears to mostly be in line with Helping the White Population the most.

And such Discussions are being talked behind the scenes and after 2024, they just THRUST them up in the American Population. I think people need to take a serious Look at who they VOTE for because they might find that they really don’t agree with all of that person’s Politics. A mandatory Youth Army isn’t something I want to see. And treating the Gay Community in such a Negative way is just adding Salt into the wounds already Opened by New Laws attacking Gayness at all Levels. I don’t like that and I won’t Support it. Will you? Do you? You want a Youth Army? If it is allowed, what’s Next? Killing SSN Payments?

It’s just very Scary. VERY Scary.