Why is the World racing towards a Nuclear War? One that will Kill all of Mankind?


Did you read? Super fast. Ultra fast Weapons that race at the Speed of OMG! So damn fast that Nothing can STOP them. Vaporizing an Aircraft Carrier with one Missile. Some Nations are so afraid about America and her Aircraft Carriers. Like America is coming After you. Get that garbage out of your Head.

But the New Weapons aren’t going to deter their Usage. They only encourage the Madness. All because EVERYONE THINKS Faster, Bigger, Badder, Most Powerful Wins the War! Buy they won’t.

And now, the only way to win the War is an All Out Nuclear War? One that guarantees Mankind’s Total Destruction. Complete Destruction! Now. There is nothing but nothing and Man is racing to this Nothing! Racing to it! Racing to Our End.

I wished I could say that everything was going to be Okay. It’s not. It’s not really going to be a Bright Future. It’s going to be Death and Destruction. Wholesale Slaughtering of Babes in Toyland! iEnd.instant Death or long term Death. But Death. Full and Complete Death.

Every time one Nation builds a more Powerful Weapon, all the Rest must Do the Same thing. Or they’ll be left behind. And the Race is Not to be the BEST. It’s all about who can Destroy the World the Quickest. Destroy the World. Not your Opponent. But the World.

The most Powerful Nations in the World are not going to come to the Peace Table and Smoke the Peace Pipe. Hell No! They don’t remember HOW!

THEY ARE ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES and they don’t care about anyone else.

But these Dickwads are racing to the End! Our END! And that’s absolutely Insane. Killing all of us. All because they are in a Race with each other as if We Cared.

We Care! Wake-Up! Your Jobs are Not to Kill us all. Is that your Goal? Keeping up with the Joneses!

Russia builds something. It’s a New Badass Weapon. America Builds it too. Then China! Doesn’t matter who builds the New Weapon, they all must build their Own too.

But all of this has gotten the a World closer than ever to World War III. And Nuclear Oblivion.

Look at Us! We just tested a New Super Sonic Rocket that can Hit your Cities in a Matter of Minutes. Look at us! WE WIN! And LOOK at us, we can Blow-up Satellites too with No Regard to How Dirty we help Space Get. Man can only Destroy now and Man can’t Clean Up after Himself. But you Use Nuclear Weapons and you think you Win?

Nope, then the other Nuclear Weapons will be headed right back at you! And Putin has been threatening to USE Nuclear Weapons for OVER 20 Years! He’s itching to Start the Nuclear War! He absolutely wants it. And he believes he’ll WIN! He wants to be REMEMBERED! GLORIFIED! He wants his Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But Winners?

NO, everyone will Lose. Putin like Other Leaders have totally disregarded the EVIDENCE. What all the Scientists have been shouting about How the Nuclear War will Kill all of us. All of us. He doesn’t care because he’ll ride a lot if the Death in a High Tech Bunker. He thinks he’ll emerge a Hero. No, he’ll be Found and Crucified. Or Hanged. But he’ll be out to shame in his last period of Life. And he needs to be. He needs to be shamed! The World must Shame the man.

Ukraine War is not a War of Honor. Not a War but a Slaughtering of a decent Population under the most despicable Russia Justifications. All Lies!

NATO must step up to the Plate and End the War in Ukraine. Stand Up to Putin and He will Fold. Like the War, his advisors will advise him of a Winning Hand as he is Losing. He has Lost the Respect of the World.



On Friday (March 4), Russia removed a Soyuz rocket topped with 36 OneWeb internet satellites from its launch pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, which is managed jointly by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Roscosmos, Russia’s federal space agency. Russia’s Demands prior to launching these Satellites were Not Met.

Folks, it’s going to get MUCH worse and it’s all Heading to a World War. It really is. 30% of the World’s population will NOT get their needed Grain from Russia or Ukraine. No Grain, No Bread. And people will Die! Far more than the Pandemic has Killed.

Bullets one day will Trade just like Gold. Even Old Ones…