“I want people to pay attention to what’s going on here, because that’s as close to fascism as I ever want my country (🇺🇸) to come to again.”

If the EVIDENCE truly shows what they say it proves, then why is America allowing for this Man to possibly RUN for President again? Why? How come?

Because there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for those in Congress or The White House. Over 100 Congressmen supposedly KNEW that a Coup Attempt by the Presidency was in Progress on January 6. But Proudly, Pence wouldn’t Play Ball.

And in a Democracy, sometimes just one person is all that it takes to STOP a Misguided Act from taking place. I would VOTE for Pence as President. But absolutely NO WAY if Trump is picked to RUN. And if the GOP does pick Trump, that alone will say a very discouraging thing to me about the GOP. But the GOP is doing everything they can do to RIG the NEXT ELECTION in 2024. My Goodness Gracious, they’ve passed very dangerous NEW LAWS allowing them to NOT go along with the VOTERS and go with their Own Electoral VOTE. And when they do that, I ponder how VIOLENT the people would get over their Votes being tossed aside?

And I don’t care which side of the aisle you ride with, that is pretty well an example of Trumpism Or Anti-Democracy you can get. It’s pretty well beyond Unfair and Honest Politics. But again, that’s another example of NO ACCOUNTABILITY! And is all of 🇺🇸 seeing this for what it is? If State Government’s are doing it, then What’s to keep them from doing it in Local Elections as well?

This is absolutely the strangest Times I’ve ever lived in. A WALL being Built that Mexico still hasn’t PAID FOR. A Coup Attempt with No Accountability. A Black Man killed or EXECUTED in Broad DayLight while Onlookers were Watching. Do you think it was fair for George Floyd to be MURDERED? I don’t and I hated seeing that very much. But how did America to to that Point? NO ACCOUNTABILITY! And a Pandemic. And a War in Ukraine.


“It’s anybody’s guess what could have happened — martial law, civil war. You know, the beginning of authoritarianism,” Raskin said, speculating on what might have unfolded if the plan was successful. “I want people to pay attention to what’s going on here, because that’s as close to fascism as I ever want my country to come to again.”

“This was not a coup directed at the president,” Raskin said. “It was a coup directed by the president against the vice president and against the Congress.”

U.S. Defense Department: Flag should only be flown upside down “to convey a sign of distress or great danger.” The January 6 Coup Attempt was GREAT DANGER! But what really I find surprising is

How many Americans are still riding in the Trump Wagon as if nothing ever HAPPENED. It did happen. The Proof is in the Pudding. But why aren’t people accepting it? Seeing it? VOODOO? Is it Voodoo?

Again, this is the weirdest Times in Our History. Strange things are Happening. Very Strange. Here in Texas, we got a New Voter Problem of getting our Votes actually counted. And that’s a Horrifying thing.

A total of 24,636 mail-in ballots were rejected throughout Texas in the March 1 primary election, the Texas secretary of state’s office said Wednesday.

That’s a 12.38% rejection rate — far higher than in previous contests.

Local election officials, as well as voting rights advocates, have said many voters were tripped up by a GOP-backed law that went into effect late last year.

James Slattery, a senior state attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project, says these final figures show Texas’ new voting law, known as Senate Bill 1, was “catastrophic for democracy” in the state.


And that was only the Primary. What’s going to happen in the Election? I bet it’ll be a Contested Election headed to the Supreme Court for Their Ruling. We never needed No Fix in here in Texas but the GOP are messing with everything.

Republican National Committee (RNC) on February 4 declared the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol “legitimate political discourse.” Really? I mean, REALLY? Is that what you think too?

Again, these are Some of the Strangest Times. And the Upcoming Trump Rally in Austin should be a real Humdinger. A real rip snorting event.