AMAZON is Causing the Inflation in America! Maybe your Country Too?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Don’t say it’s so. But it is! They are! And okay, you now say-Show Me!

Okay, here’s the PROOF in the Pudding. At the End of Trump’s Reign of Power, I started noticing something but really just skipped it as a afterthought. But no, I’ve confirmed it. And what is going On?

Organized Crime is Sticking to all of 🇺🇸! They are the Sole Cause of Inflation and Empty Shelves! And you can jump and say-No Way! Oh Hell Yeah! It’s so very True. And you still might not have a Clue.

Here’s the Proof! Check these Prices! Just checkout ones you buy because you couldn’t find it in the Stores. And they know most are not going Store Shopping to more than one Store. They GOT YOU!



Now, What’s Going On? My Investigation which is all we regular Citizens can do is all I did. No, I’m not a Real Dick Tracey. But when we need something, we JUMP over to Amazon and Buy it without much CHOICE. And what really got my Attention was the Cost of Candy Bars and Black Pepper.

And like millions of other Americans, my wife and I pick up our Groceries using CURBSIDE PICKUP. It’s Cool at times when you get everything and SUKS when they don’t have something and the Grocery Clerk just picks something instead. And boy howdy, we have gotten some strange things for sure.

But we Buy Saltine Crackers And we expect to get them. But six weeks went by with No Crackers. And I ASKED the young person who brought out our Groceries-Hey, y’all don’t have no Crackers?


Why is that?

We get things and then there are individuals who come into the store and Buy All of One Item. They pull everyone of them off the Shelf and put them in their Basket or Baskets. And No One Else gets any. But all we see are EMPTY SHELVES that are artificially being Created by Organized Criminal Groups.

And where is all of these things Going? They are Being RESOLD ON AMAZON! And they know you need it and They GOT IT!

And I was buying Candy Bars Online. But not no more. If you do, you Get Screwed by some of these Organized Sellers. I could buy the same MIX of Candy Bars at Wal-Mart Using my Wal-Mart App and get a Box for less than $14. And you’ll PAY prices Double and even Higher if you just Look and Buy the 1st one you find.

And where does everyone Go to get something we cannot find in a Store? AMAZON

Yep, good ole Dependable, or Mostly Dependable, AMAZON. And we all do it. But nobody really takes the time to checkout the different Prices. And as soon as you see-AMAZON’S CHOICE by a Product and we’ve already been conditioned to Buy their Choice of Product. A great time of them making money is during Xmas Holidays where they buy the most popular Toy Items and Triple it’s Price and People will Pay it cause their Babies want that something.

But would you like to get it for Half that Price by just continuing to Troll the Pages? Try it if you aren’t doing that. And yes, sometimes there is the same Product and at a lot lower Cost to 🇺🇸.

And what I’m not seeing are any Articles about what is really going on? Get a Group together and hit just one Product in a Town by taking all of it off the shelves and in your Garage and see where everyone goes Next? To YOUR SITE on AMAZON. And you charge whatever COST you want because you Look to see what it is Selling at on AMAZON. Just lower your Cost Price by a simple Quarter (.25 Cents) and everyone will Flock to you. People want the Cheapest.

And double the Price you PAID and Sell a thousand of one thing and guess what? You’re a Millionaire in No Time. $13 x 1000 Sales is What? WOW! What a Profit. And they are doing it, getting away with it every day Online. Some Selling from as far away as China or India. And you’re Buying.

And there are Networking Groups doing the same thing to share Lowest Prices with the Group and they USE coupons like there is No Tomorrow. But they Trade Stuff or do it just to Resell at a Profit.

But the Criminal Networks are INSANE in making money hands over fists. And it’s all of 🇺🇸 paying for it. And it’s all because of the Efficiency of AMAZON. They make it so EASY. And when most people would have waited (they used to do this but the Pandemic has changed the way we Shop) until they went back to the Store to get a Missing Item, NO WAY! They go Online and Order it on AMAZON adding to more Products taken off the Shelf and Adding to Inflation. It’s that easy. Way easy to do.

So, AMAZON makes it possible. Who would have ever thought? BUT! People will always find a way to Make a BUCK. But this Artificial Increasing of Inflation has to END!



  1. Everywhere a PRODUCT is SOLD, make it that A CUSTOMER CAN ONLY BUY ONE! Example-One Box of Crackers. One Box of Candy Bars. Not talking SALE ITEMS. One Gallon of Milk. One Box of Cake Mix. One Box of Brownies.
  2. AMAZON must POLICE itself on SELLER SCALPERS! Those Selling Items at Outrageous Prices over Normal Cost.

Investigate Suspected Criminal Organizations Selling Items Online at Exorbitant Prices. At Prices that are Inflationary Causers. AMAZON has to Fix Itself.

This can be Beaten. But it must be recognized as Criminal behavior. And then there are the ones in Business for themselves. But when a couple millions are doing the same thing on the same Products, We are the Ones THAT pay the Price. We get the SHAFT! And it happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And we all thought it was Inflation Only caused by what the News Media is saying! Sure, some is, but the Most Obvious Reason for Inflation right now are Greedy People demanding MONEY! And Organized Crime has their Hands in it as well. More Investigations must be done. Otherwise Inflation will continue to Skyrocket and the News can Only Blame Biden. All Problems are Caused by Biden? Really? Is that what you believe?

It’s Not Biden. And it’s easy to Blame Biden for Everything. Part of this Bull is that War in Ukraine. It’s a crying shame what a Toad Putin can do to the Entire World. He’s nothing but an evil old Witch with lots of festering Warts on his Face.

Seven years and 10 billion deliveries later, Amazon now has 400,000 drivers worldwide, 40,000 semi-trucks, 30,000 vans, and a fleet of more than 70 planes. And that’s a ton of Fuel used. They done got Humongous! And quick Access to Products 247 days a week Adds to Inflation when the Game is Fixed. And We pay the Costs.