Has Wuhan Lab Created the Deadliest Coronavirus Yet?

You don’t put Shanghai in Complete LOCKDOWN unless you have a damn good reason. It’s not about a Zero Tolerance either. It’s about the Most Deadliest Form of Coronavirus to be Created yet? Or not? And I’m putting all my Bets on Wuhan Lab Has done it again. But this Bad Boy is by far the Deadliest. Or damn close to it. Killing One in Every Three! And Immune to Vaccines! Maybe not this one, but the next mutation may be the one.

Do we Trust China when it comes to Covid? No, they did not share Information professionally about the Origin of the First Covid Deaths. If they had been transparent, all of the World would now understand whatever they say. But now, the World only sees more deceit coming out of China. More distrust.

And now? Are we going to go into a Real World of more Lab Created Death Viruses? Has the Wuhan Lab done it again?

Are we going to Die?

R U going to Die?

NEOCOV COVID or the next Mutation going to be the one?


Coronavirus: Is the newly found NeoCov COVID variant by Wuhan scientists the deadliest of all COVID strains?

Newly Found or Newly Created? Can you Trust that Lab? Maybe that’s the Game. Create a Deadly Virus and rid the World of 1/3 its Population.


“It is only one mutation away from becoming dangerous for humans,” the researchers said.

But, Dr Dhiren Gupta from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi stated that the variant’s transmission to humans is still a “scientific speculation” and “hypothesis”. “This NeoCov is very different from SARS-CoV virus (sarbecovirus) and belongs to merbecovirus which is a different genus. It cannot infect human ACE2 (scientists are speculating if it can combine with SARS and start affecting humans). This is a hypothesis raised by scientists (which is not unusual in science),” Gupta said.

He added that the theory that “one out of three may die is just a hypothesis, which social media made headlines”.

“It’s just a hypothesis turning into sensationalist doomsday predictions,” Gupta said.

But it must be one Bad Boy for Shanghai to go FULL BLOWN LOCKDOWN. And is a true Death Variant coming this Year? When?

Anyone’s Guess!