1950 CENSUS! Here’s the Direct LINK! Start Your Secret Family Search Today. You may be SHOCKED!

Lol. You got Negro Blood in your Family Tree? Or White Blood? It’s Okay! Most of us are a Heinz-57 of multiple Races. Only in America do they make such a fuzz on ostracizing those of a Black Heritage. Your Blackness is a thing of Beauty and makes you Special! But you can discover Family Secrets about your Family and those of Others!


Now, here’s a secret I found. Put in your information of person and place. Then on the next pages, Look at the ED Map to see where each group of Families might be located. Example-

  1. Go to ED Map.
  2. If you know where your kin lived in a Town or County in 1950, look on that Map.
  3. Download the Map! Here’s a Big HELP! On that Map page, you will have the Opportunity to Download different Maps of different Quality. Try each until you find one of High Quality. SAVE IT.
  4. Now look on that Map and find the Identification of each Section.
  5. When you find the Area you want to look at, “click” on the Button next to ED Map. BUT, be sure you are on the Right Box corresponding to the Map Section Identification Number.
  6. Now below that first picture, you will see additional Pics which have the Actual Family Name and the Names of members of that Family with Ages and What Job they had and how many hours they had worked in that Job the previous week. I even found some identifying whether a Person was a Negro or not. Especially at the State Youth Prison in Gatesville, Texas.

Here’s a ED Map of different Qualities. Find the Best one for your Use.

The last one I Downloaded (which is the largest one just above) turned out to be the Best for Gatesville, Texas in 1950.

Your Search has just begun!

Good Luck!

Enjoy! It is time consuming!