Atomic Attack-1950 Hydrogen Bomb Scenario Movie. I recommend you View it.

As I grew-up, we practised Nuclear Bomb Attacks in school. We hide under Our school Desks not knowing much about the power of an Atomic Bomb.

This Movie is a real treasure from the past to Watch.

The Atomic Bomb Experts seemed to have helped put things in it that are actually How It Would Be after a Nuclear Attack on 🇺🇸 Cities. And the Retribution Blow against whoever attacked 🇺🇸.

It’s strange to Watch it.

It’s a haunting film with No Glamore attached to it. No special affects. But it brings to view just a glimpse of the Horror that will be associated with such an event.. It’s not very long.

For Putin to even threaten their Usage is so self-serving a Madman’s Insane View of himself and his purpose.

This Movie is based upon-

Shadow on the Hearth tells the story of “a Westchester woman and her two children after the explosion of a series of atomic bombs on New York”.[2] Merril described it as “a very political novel, … written for political reasons”.[3]

Merril began writing Shadow on the Hearth as a short story; “When it reached ten thousand words,” she remembered, “I began to understand that it wanted to be a novel.” Although she stopped working on the piece when it reached twice that length, needing to spend more time with her young daughter, Doubleday editor Walter I. Bradbury read the incomplete draft and bought the novel. Merril quit her editorial job at Bantam to complete it. When she completed it, Doubleday imposed its own title (avoiding any mention of nuclear war), revising the text to create a happier ending, and wrapping the novel in a nondescript dust jacket. “On the cover was an attractive young mother, obviously in great distress: it could have been a gothic novel”, Merril later groused, “or basically anything”.[3]

In 1954, the Motorola TV Theatre aired an adaptation of Shadow on the Hearth, retitled Atomic Attack.[3]