Your Dog just Vomited! And then your Dog eats its own Vomit. Time to Freakout?

No. After 40 years of breeding German Shepherds, I’ve seen this behavior often. And it’s not something I worry about UNLESS?

  1. I see Blood in it.
  2. It is very liquefied.
  3. There are worms in it.

If the above is true, I’d take your Dog to a Vet. Just to be sure. I’ve seen several Dog Diseases and PARVO is an Ugly disease to see your loved Friend die from.

I’ve lost four to PARVO. And Texas A&M Animal Clinic SAVED one diagnosed with it. So, your Dog could be SAVED! But it requires immediate Treatment.

But to lose any Pet hurts. We put so much love into them and they return that love. It’s a great two way street.

But Vomiting? I observe the Vomit and it could be that they ate too fast or overfilled their Bellies!

But love them and they’ll love you. It’s simple. But the Worry Monster can easily climb on your shoulder. But a trip to the Vet will ease your uneasiness.


Dogs will eat their own vomit because it is a food source. There may also be an instinctive element to the behavior, as eating vomit may hide traces of the dog from predators. Vomiting can signal that a dog is unwell, too, so hiding the evidence increases their chance of survival. They are an Animal and have Animal Instincts!

I see it as normal. Mostly…