Let’s Talk KOKO! Koko the Gorilla!

KOKO is the name of my German Shepherd. But this isn’t about her. No. I’m talking about the Smartest Gorilla that may have ever lived.

And with an amazing ability to communicate using SIGN LANGUAGE, KoKo was beyond what we’ve ever known.

What do Animals Think? In my Fist Book, A Panther’s Father, I stressed one point about animals! They want to live. We want to Live!

It’s packed full of animal stories as they talk with Bahu, a Leader of his Tribe in Africa. But the book is about so many things that we need to read.

KoKo, is still such an incredible story. And the next Article will give you a great picture of Koko-

If you love great stories, then Take a Look at KoKo who is one of the best I can think of. All of us want to know what animals are thinking. And when a Lion is eating YOU. You know it is thinking FOOD, HUNGRY, GONNA EAT YOU! But how about a Gorilla that can communicate with us?

Simply amazing…

And your thoughts on a Gorilla that can communicate? Boy, the things to discuss. And famous people went to see KoKo like Robin Williams who got KoKo to smile. And many others. But what would you have said?

I’d say-I’m Sorry you are not Free. Free in the Wild.

But KOKO is no more. KOKO died June 19, 2018. At 46 years old. A good feat for a Gorilla. And some of the amusing things I giggle at was her fascination with Nipples! Yes, Nipples asking people to undress from the Waist Up. And she’d study both male and female Nipples. Seems normal as lots of people are fascinated with Nipples or esp., Breasts. Lol

And there are many things you might want to ask. She was smarter than a Retarded Person on the IQ Level. But what would you ask?

Robin died August 11, 2014. He made me laugh. Maybe you too?

But I wished I could have talked with KoKo. But her story must never be forgotten. It would have been fun to talk with her. I would have enjoyed that very much. Maybe, you too?