Have you Noticed how many Deer are eating in the Restaurants?

Don’t Laugh. Lol. But seriously. Deer with Omicron is troubling. What’s the secret of How they are getting it? Any Ideas? Going thru our Trash? How?


Scientists have detected the virus in cats, dogs, ferrets, mink, pigs, and rabbits. But they’re paying close attention to white-tailed deer for a few reasons: In addition to being highly vulnerable to infection, white-tailed deer are abundant in the US and live in close proximity to humans.

 “Flu is clearly driven by continuing exchange back and forth between humans and pigs and fowl.” But, now Deer? The transmission to Deer is a Black box. No one has pinned the reason for this…

Don’t go that way, there’s a Human Group having an outside Party and they Got Omincron!

Are the Deer not being given Masks to wear? Lol