DAYBREAK-is a real Hoot! Movie Series on NETFLIX!

This is a funny comedy that you need to see…

The series follows the story of 17-year-old Canadian high school outcast Josh Wheeler, who is searching for his missing British girlfriend Sam Dean in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. He is joined by a ragtag group of misfits, including 10-year-old pyromaniac Angelica and Josh’s former high school bully Wesley, who is now a pacifist would-be samurai. Josh tries to survive among the hordes of Mad Max-style gangs (evil jocks, cheerleaders turned Amazonian warriors, etc), adults who have turned into zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies, and the mysterious Baron Triumph.



  • Colin Ford as Josh Wheeler, a recent transfer student searching for his girlfriend in the apocalypse
  • Alyvia Alyn Lind as Angelica Green, a 10-year-old pyromaniac
  • Sophie Simnett as Samaira “Sam” Dean, a popular student and Josh’s girlfriend
  • Austin Crute as Wesley Fists, a self-styled rōnin seeking redemption for his past mistakes
  • Cody Kearsley as Turbo “Bro Jock” Pokaski, former quarterback and the unhinged leader of the Jocks
  • Jeanté Godlock as Mona Lisa, a Jock and Turbo’s second-in-command
  • Gregory Kasyan as Eli Cardashyan, a resilient and self-serving Armenian American survivor who occupies the Glendale Mall
  • Krysta Rodriguez as Ms. Crumble, Glendale High’s former biology teacher
  • Matthew Broderick as Michael Francis Xavier Burr, Glendale High’s principal